2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Our Sustainability Framework

Sustainability for SaskEnergy means providing reliable, affordable energy to our customers today and for years to come while also acknowledging their desire for a cleaner energy future. It is about strengthening relationships with customers, communities and Indigenous groups while also providing an inclusive, safe working environment for our employees. SaskEnergy’s sustainability framework includes three pillars — Environment, Prosperity, and People. These pillars align with our corporate vision and set a strong foundation for our future as a sustainable energy provider for Saskatchewan.

Pillar One: Environment

Pillar Two: Prosperity

Pillar Three: People

SaskEnergy takes pride in its people, recognizing it is employees who drive the success of our organization and play a pivotal role in our future sustainability. To be successful, we must provide a safe and engaging workplace; recognize the value of our employees; support diversity and inclusion; and invest in a workforce to meet customer needs and expectations.

Our prosperity focus aligns with our vision: Environmental sustainability and economic prosperity for future generations. Our focus on prosperity means we support the Saskatchewan economy by investing in the rural, urban and Indigenous communities where we live and work. We deliver affordable, reliable energy to residents, businesses and industry to support our standard of living, while always considering our impact on the environment.

As an organization, we have long considered the impact of our own operations as well as the impact of our customers’ activities on the environment. We have a strong foundation set to meet stakeholder expectations. Our environmental sustainability efforts are focused on reducing emissions from our operations, supporting customers in reducing end-use emissions and protecting the local environment, including plant life, wildlife, wetlands, native prairie and species at risk.


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