2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Resilience and Reliability

Natural gas provides Saskatchewan with much needed, reliable energy — particularly during some of the country’s most extreme weather. SaskEnergy’s underground gas line infrastructure delivers more energy to customers than any other energy source in the province. Natural gas is a key fuel for much of the province’s electrical generation, reducing the dependency on conventional coal — and the carbon intensity of Saskatchewan’s electricity generation portfolio — while also supporting the growth of renewable energy as a ready backup for the variability of wind and solar. For many customers, including hospitals and large businesses, not only does natural gas serve as the primary heating source, it is also used as an emergency backstop during electrical outages. SaskEnergy’s expansive underground infrastructure network is designed to provide reliable service, meaning we can adapt to system disruptions with little or no impact to customer supply. Our service is 99.99 per cent reliable. This system resilience means end-use service disruptions are rare, regardless of weather conditions, which allows business and industrial customers to operate efficiently year-round while residential customers are connected to a dependable, affordable energy source.


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