2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements

a. Transactions with key management personnel Key management personnel include directors and executive officers. The compensation paid to key management for employee services is as follows:








Short-term benefits

b. Other related party transactions As a Crown corporation, the Corporation is ultimately controlled by the Government of Saskatchewan. Included in the consolidated financial statements are transactions with various Saskatchewan Crown corporations, ministries, agencies, boards and commissions related to the Corporation by virtue of common control by the Government of Saskatchewan and non-Crown corporations and enterprises subject to joint control and significant influence by the Government of Saskatchewan (collectively referred to as related parties). Government-related entities are exempt from providing disclosure about individual related party transactions, other than the transactions with key management personnel disclosed above. Instead, government-related entities are required to disclose the types and extent of individually or collectively significant transactions with related parties. In determining individually significant transactions, the Corporation considers the size, type and terms of the transaction. There were no other individually or collectively significant transactions with related parties for the period. All other transactions with related parties were routine operating transactions that were settled at prevailing market prices under normal trade terms.


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