2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement

the use of Board Committees, whose mandates are reviewed annually and updated as required. SaskEnergy is committed to the principles of transparency, openness and timeliness in communication with the Corporation’s Owner, Crown Investments Corporation, employees, customers, stakeholders and the public. Strong two-way communications models support the achievement of business and corporate results. More information on governance, including SaskEnergy’s Corporate Governance Disclosure, Board and Executive member biographies, and stakeholder engagement, is available on saskenergy.com

SaskEnergy’s governance structure supports accountability to the Corporation’s customers, stakeholders, the public, and its shareholder. Effective governance helps to ensure that SaskEnergy operates as both a financially viable organization and a responsible Corporation. SaskEnergy’s Board of Directors is representative of the Saskatchewan community and industry. The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints up to 12 members and designates a Chair and Vice Chair. SaskEnergy’s Board is responsible for the stewardship of the Corporation and oversees, and closely monitors, its adherence to The SaskEnergy Act and its regulations. It fufills its oversight duties through

Board Size 12

Three Committees Environmental, Social and Governance Audit and Finance Human Resources and Safety

Women in Leadership Board Chair Vice Chair 58% of Board members 38% of Executive members


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