2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Glossary of Key Success Measures


Safety Culture



Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate

Recordable Injuries X 200,000 / Hours Worked measures the number of recordable injuries per 100 employees.

The calculated rate is indicative of the scope and extent of safety issues, the severity of any involved injury or illness, and measures the effectiveness of safety standards in the workplace.

Injury Severity Rate

Injury Severity Rate = # of Lost Work Days X 200,000 / Total Hours Worked.

Workforce Development



The number of women in management roles, including professionals, as a percentage of total management. The baseline will be established in 2021-22, using Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission figures. The number of Indigenous employees as a percentage of total employees. Based on the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission’s recommended targets, the figure is 14 per cent provincially. However, SaskEnergy recognizes this demographic is trending higher in the province.

Representative Workforce • Women in Management Roles • Indigenous

Employee Experience



The benchmark for this measure was established using the results of the comprehensive survey conducted in 2020-21. This survey is conducted every two years and is planned again for 2022-23.

Employee Survey


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