Gala Newsletter 2023


from our World Affairs Council of Orange County Vice Chair and Gala Committee Co-Chair, Jayne Herring

Our 2023 Silent Auction this year was led by our World Affairs Coun- cil of Orange County Secretary and Silent Auction Sub-Committee Chair Helen Haig, featuring items donated by an array of internation- al consulates that showcases the diversity and identities of their respective countries. Our silent auction not only serves as an opportunity for fundraising, but also promotes cultural exchange and diplomacy by creat- ing a memorable and meaningful experience for all involved. The funds raised from the silent auction will be directed towards our mission’s efforts in making a positive impact in our local and global communities. “Tonight is a night that is usually dedicated to holiday parties. We had a sold out audience of people who wanted to learn about the state of our world, in an unbiased way, and just learn from each other and be around other peope who felt the same way. And I think that goes to show how starved we are for real information that’s not skewed one way or another to placate one side or another. What we saw tonight were people who cared about our place in the world. Clearly this orga- nization has a role in this communi- ty. So let’s harness that,” said Herring upon reflection of the WACOC 2023 Gala.

World Affairs Council of Orange County Gala Committee Co-Chairs, Dr. Mark Chapin Johnson & Ms. Jayne Herring

“I feel like this is one of the best opportunities to start giving people the opportunity to learn more, to meet each other and people they would’ve not met otherwise, to ask ques- tions, to consider other points of views and to just really understand how lucky we are to have that kind of diversity we have. We need to know what’s going on and it feels good,” said WACOC Secretary and Silent Auction Sub-Committee Chair Helen Haig.

Thank you to all our wonderful auction donors!


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