Gala Newsletter 2023



Amazing work to the 2023 Academic World Quest regional winners (pictured from left to right) Arya Darvish, Greeva Ramani, Bailey Alam and Marlowe Snapp of El Dorado High School from Placentia, CA!

These brilliant and enthusiastic minds with the support and guidance of their advisor, have highlighted their dedication in their achievements, exemplifying hard work and talent within the academic community.

“Since joining [AWQ], I’ve definitely looked at career options and study pathways that involve global foreign affairs,” said Snapp. “It’s opened my eyes to a whole new world, which I really appreciate.”

“It has been beneficial especially with the World Affairs Council and meeting new people,” said Darvish. Their passion for exploring and understanding global affairs, cultural histories, and current pressing international issues revolving NATO and Green Europe is not only inspiring, but to be cele- brated. With AWQ, these students are able to take their research and cross-reference material into their AP studies. “We have strong backgrounds in all sorts of topics that makes it easier for us to elab- orate,” said Ramani. “We have a better ability to educate other people who don’t know about it. So you can spread awareness,” said Alam. “It’s taught me to do a lot of research for myself and find unbiased sourcesso I can bring that into helping us have more productive discussions.” Next year’s competition held in March. All proceeds will fund their trip to Washington, D.C where they will be competing in nationals.

A MESSAGE from WACOC Chair of Executive Board, Rick Putnam

Rick has been with the World Affairs Council of Orange County as Chair of Executive Board since Septem- ber 2023. Upon reflection for Putnam WACOC’s plans for 2024, he says, “we envision building on the Council’s visibili- ty and momentum. Membership growth coordination among

the committees, and outreach to the business com- munity will be key focus areas. And of course, rele- vant programs and special events. There is no short- age of world affairs that affect Orange County! Happy New Year to all!”


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