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Mayor Desjardins reviews Ontario budget 26. “I’mhoping to get moremoney for (our) infrastructure needs. We just have to hope they didn’t cut back on the municipal-pro- vincial (grants) fund.”


Desjardins said. Patience also applies to themunicipality’s dealings with the province over funding support for the combined fire hall and OPP station proposed for development on a Lau- rier Street site close to the existing fire hall. Right now, the city is undergoing an ex- propriation process for some private pro- perty which would become part of the site for the new fire hall/police station. When that is finished, the municipality will look at doing soil tests on that piece of property as it used to be the site for a fuel oil supply business.

“We’ve tested all around it,” Desjardins said, “and I know that all around it (the pri- vate property) is clean.” Once the city has confirmed ownership of all the necessary land and also completed soil testing, then it can begin preparing for the actual construction. That may involve demolition of the exis- ting fire hall. Desjardins noted that the City will be able to use the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena building as a temporary storage site and parking garage for the fire trucks and other gear from the fire hall while the new building is under construction.

Clarence-Rockland council approved the municipal budget ahead of the province this time. Now Mayor Guy Desjardins is wading through the 400-plus pages of the Ontario budget to determine if there are many or any potential benefits for the municipality with its current and future planning needs. “There is somemoney allocated for nine kilometres of road in Prescott-Russell,” Des- jardins said during a phone interview Feb.

The annual Ontario Good Roads Asso- ciation (OGRA) conference in Toronto took place in advance of the provincial budget release. During his meeting with provincial officials at OGRA, Desjardins asked about the likelihood of provincial infrastructure aid for widening the Highway 174/County Road 17 connection between Rockland and Orléans. “They told us to be a little more patient,”

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