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4058 Installation and operation (mechanical)

REMOVING OR ADJUSTING IGNITER IN RETRACTION ASSEMBLY The igniter module is attached to 4058 A retraction module with a compression fitting on the igniter rod of the exciter box. Multi- ple rings of packing rope are provided to ensure that the ignition device is securely attached to the retraction assembly. To remove or adjust the igniter, first loosen the bellows hose clamp that attaches the bellows to the packing nut. Then loosen the packing nut until the igniter can be removed or adjusted. Reverse instructions to re-install igniter.


The retraction cylinder rod is operated in both directions with pre-piped compressed air (instrument quality air is preferred) via an electrically operated solenoid valve that is rated for 35-150 psi (240 to 1030 KPa). If the compressed air is removed from the 4058, the cylinder will remain in its current position. The compressed air should be piped to the open #1 port on the solenoid valve. The other two solenoid ports have speed control mufflers pre-installed. Besides reducing the noise from exhausting compressed air, they contain a valve which controls how fast the cylinder operates. Closing the valve in the speed control muffler reduces the cylinder speed. Use the lock nut to secure the valve setting. Allowing the cylinder to cycle too quickly increases the risk of damaging the igniter.

There are a few ways to modify the length of a 4058 igniter once it’s installed.

— The packing nut can be temporarily loosened and the igniter inserted or retraced 1 ½ inches (38 mm).


— The igniter extension rod can be replaced with a longer or shorter model. See Table #5 for available sizes.

Lock Nut

— If less insertion length is required, a longer nipple can be added to the mounting adapter flange to move the igniter tip away from the burner.

To prevent pipe scale from entering the 4058 components use an 8645A Compressed Air Filter/Separator and stainless steel tubing upstream of the 4058. Galvanized or stainless tubing is recommended upstream of the 8645A. Take care when routing the compressed air, so that the temperature does not exceed 150°F (66°C). Before installing the 4058, all air lines in the system should be blown clean to remove any moisture or loose material. DO NOT attempt to install, operate, or repair these devices without proper training in pneumatic systems and devices. Compressed air systems contain high levels of stored energy. DO NOT attempt to connect, disconnect, or repair this product when the system in under pressure. Always exhaust or drain the pressure from a system before performing any service work. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury.


Cooling air should be present in the burner pilot tunnel to keep the tunnel purged and help cool the igniter and cylinder rod. It can be added by piping clean ambient air to the ½” NPT connector on the 4058 mounting flange. Set the air pressure at the built-in pressure tap to 6”w.c. (1.5 kPa) to get the recommended air flow of 500 SCFH (14.2 Nm3/Hr). If the 4058 is mounted in a large opening or needs extra thermal protection, a stainless steel cooling air tube can be added to provide additional thermal protection for the cylinder rod.

Solenoid Valve

Speed Control Muffler

Solenoid Valve Coil

Junction Box

Exciter Box Power Cable

1⁄8 " NPT Pressure Tap

Exciter Box

Burner Mounting Adapter Flange

Solenoid Inlet Port (#1)

Optional Position Switches

½ " NPT Cooling Air Connection

Bulletin 4058 page 5

Figure 6: Complete 4058 Assembly

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