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4058 Installation and operation (electrical) Wiring for general purpose end switch

UL/CSA (ULG) or CE (CEG) with AC

Extend Switch 120/240 VAC R830-3151

120 or 240 VAC Coil

Retract Switch 120/240 VAC R830-3151

120/240 VAC use WHITE barrier strips

Figure 7a: UL/CSA (ULG) or CE (CEG) with AC

UL/CSA (ULG) or CE (CEG) with DC

Extend Switch 120/240 VDC R830-3151

24 VDC Coil

Retract Switch 24 VDC R830-3151

24 VDC use BLUE barrier strips

Figure 7b: UL/CSA (ULG) or CE (CEG) with DC

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