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Instructions for Nozzle-Mix Gas Burners

Supplement GB-M1


Zone A (1 Burner)

Zone B (2 Burners)

Impulse tap should enter air line parallel to valve shaft to minimize turbulence effects .


Motor Operated Valve

5 pipe dia.

3 pipe dia. min.

Nozzle-Mix Burners

Manual Air Valve

5pipe dia. min .

3 pipe dia. min.

Manual Air Valve

Flexible Nipples

Impulse Line 3⁄8 " OD minimum

Metering Orifice Limiting Orifice Gas Valve

10D min.

4D min.

Shutoff Valve

4D min.

10D min.

10D min. Shutoff Valve

4D min.


Air/Gas Ratio Regulator

2 psi max.

Tee for checking impulse pressure

* Limiting orifice gas valves must be mounted as close to the burner as possible.

INSTALLATION To minimize leaks around tile and to prevent cracking of tile by thermal expansion in the wall, see Supplements DF-M1 (for hard refractory lined furnaces) and DF-M2 (for fiber lined furnaces) for installation recommendations.

LIGHTING AND ADJUSTMENT Warning: Startup and adjustment of combustion equipment should only be done by trained personnel familiar with combustion technology, combustion equipment, and with the particular burner system, equipment, and controls.

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