M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal — The Best of 2019 — March 27 - April 9, 2020 — 35C


The BEST of 2019

Premier Compaction Systems, LLC The BEST SUSTAINABLE WASTE MANAGEMENT of 2019 The BEST SPECIALPURPOSE-SCHOOLOR CHURCH of 2019 Patterson Woods Commercial Properties

Some of our largest deals in 2019 were for special use buildings, including the lease of a 65,535 SF charter school, the lease of a 44,064 SF alternative school, and the sale of a 31,190 SF place of worship. Additionally, we had three other deals over 10,000 SF in the special use category.

PCS in conjunction with Premier Facility Management has designed a sustainable waste management program that enhances quality of life when in NYC. The PFM/ PCS program achieves the following. 1) sustainable sidewalk appearance, Dave Building Storage Space For TrashAnd Recyclables, 3) reduce service requirements 6-7 days to 3-4 days ths reducing truck traffic and carbon footprint, 4) Toter Lock Down System is a PCS exclusive, 5) rodent exposure minimized.

IMC Construction The BEST VALUE FIRM /MERIT of 2019

The BEST INDUSTRY RESEARCH of 2019 Levin Management Corporation

Levin Management Corporation (LMC) has established itself as a retail and retail real estate industry thought leader. Its Retail Sentiment Survey, now in its 10th year, gauges the strength of the retail industry from a street-level perspective. LMC’s marketing team polls the store managers of the firm’s 1,000+ retail tenants three times annually, gathering information on current sales and

Being a merit shop – having union and non-union capability – has given us a com- petitive edge. IMC works according to the environment and desire of our clients. All union, non-union, or mixed – we are ready, willing and able to work with our clients and their requirements. We view this in a unionized environment as a com- petitive edge. Overall, IMC is more than a sum of its parts. Those varied influences that are anchored in our culture and values fostered continued growth and success.

traffic numbers, and on performance expectations. The surveys also ask timely questions about hiring patterns, ecommerce and technology, holiday shopping, key events and other socio-economic factors that may be influencing progress. Results are analyzed and shared with key stakeholders – including property owners and tenants – and are regularly published by leading media outlets.

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