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The BEST PLACE TO WORK of 2019 Corporate Level: Employee discounts for cell phone plans, movie theatre dis- Scully Company’s admirable core val- ues, combined with a commitment to empower employees in reaching their

Skanska USA’s Mid-Atlan- tic offices in Philadelphia,

PA and Washington, DC are committed to a healthy work environment for our employees. Our company takes pride in the work we do and the values that define us: Skanska’s Core Values. These values not only shape the image of our company, but the reputation and lives of our employees as well. These values include: • Care for Life • Act Ethically and Transparently • Be Better – Together • Commit to Customers Many companies preach the importance of safety – espe- cially companies in the construction industry – but Skanska practices what it preaches every day. Skanska aims to create a culture that empowers all employees to prevent accidents so they get home safely to their families each and every day.

counts and Broadway Show ticket discounts. Agents have access to view all listings within the firm to en - courage agent collaboration. Health insurance, 401K and paid time off. Regional Level: Drop-off and pick-up dry-cleaning service. Daily and weekly food and merchandise ven - dors. On-site gym. On-site massage therapist. On-site shoeshine and repair. Cafeteria. Free employee parking. In-office putting green as well as a health and wellness private room. AESI is a growing company full of mo- tivated young people who want to grow their careers. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Competitive salary, medical insurance, young work- force, great location, interesting projects. the unique opportunity to work on projects of all sizes, while having the ability to interface directly with senior leadership and ownership. Whether it’s supporting pro - fessional development initiatives or providing industry- leading health care and 401k benefits, Torcon treats em - ployees like family. Giving back to the communities we serve is core to our values, and we support and encourage employees to participate throughout the year in local service events, group nonprofit fundraising including a company match, our annual holiday toy drive and much more. Together, we’re proud to help strengthen our neighborhoods. As a third-generation, family-owned company, Torcon provides employees same type of services that national commercial real estate companies do. We have been chosen as one of the Best Places to Work by the PBJ for the past 2 years. We strive to give our clients the best possible solutions for their real estate needs. Our turnover is minimal; as we are entering our 16th year, most of the personnel has been at SREA for 10 years or longer. firm located in Westfield, NJ, that was established in 1982. REDCOM is equipped with in-house profession - als experienced in estimating, architectural design, site engineering and approvals, project management, gener- al contracting and facility maintenance. REDCOM is a wonderful company to work for; not only do employees approach each client relationship with quality service in mind. is the multi-family investment brokerage “firm-of-choice” widely respected for its enduring presence, ever-expand- ing sales volume and decades-long client relationships. The firm has an established, industry-unique broker train - ing program that offers newcomers an opportunity to learn from and work side-by-side with the most experienced and highly respected multi-family investment brokerage professionals – more than half of whom have been with the firm for 20+ years. Recognized for “Giving Your Dreams Structure,” REDCOM Design & Construction LLC is a design/build Marking its 45th anniversary in 2020, Gebroe-Hammer Associates Stockton Real Estate Advisors is the best place to work because of the direction and leadership of the founder, Jim Paterno. We’re a small company but provide the

maximum potential for success both personally and professionally, have led to a notable employee retention rate of 81%. When polling our employees about why they love to work for Scully Company, the unanimous response we get is that working for Scully Company is like be- ing a part of a family. It is not uncommon to speak with employees who have 20, 30 and 35 years + of tenure; which you simply don’t see in today’s world. Scully’s employees are taken care of, appreciated and invested in. of-life, professional development and a proper work/ life balance for its over 180 employees. This progres- sive outlook has proven to attract and retain exceptional talent in an environment designed to help team mem- bers thrive both personally and professionally through flexibility and a results-oriented position rather than unbending rules and requirements. In addition, the firm works to promote from within, and provides team mem- bers with training and educational resources to excel in their field and work up the firm’s management ladder. The firm recognizes the shift in times, and that strict hours and mandatory in-office working requirements are not the way of the future. Sax strives to be a desired place to work with an emphasis on flexibility, quality-

We are a growing firm that attracts the best in our field. Our firm environment

is one of positive attitudes. Our leadership is constantly motivating the staff to learn and providing top notch training. Our firm has cutting edge technology that is an asset for pour attorneys and our clients. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Kap - lin Stewart has many perks. We are fortunate enough to have staff appreciation events, summer ice cream truck, monthly birthday celebrations, lunch and learns, and fabulous holiday parties. ing, highly accomplished and ethical, creating a culture of respect, integrity and mutual support. In turn, staff members are given the resources and tools to do their work and feel confident they can rely on co-workers for support, as every project can be a new, fast-paced learn- ing experience. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Prism also affords flexibility when necessary, with a team member commenting, “As the mother of two, Prism allows me to balance the busy challenges of work/life, so I don’t have to worry about not being there for my family.” culture has a strong foundation but is always changing and innovating, while our values remain constant. Our people have the strongest impact on our “Culture of Suc- cess.” Our culture is very open and collaborative – un - pretentious – where everyone views listening as the top requirement of communication. While multiple factors contribute and affect our success and growth, we feel the primary influencer is the focus on people and culture. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? IMC Construction views philanthropy as the corner- stone of our culture and philosophy. At Prism, staff members reflect that management is second to none and leads by example. They are hardwork- cultivating a positive work environment both inside and outside the office. Staff members are supported profes - sionally and personally. A positive and supportive work environment is created within the office and company outings and events occur frequently. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? In addition to competitive salaries, flexible schedules, health insurance plans and 401k options, some of the employee’s favorite perks include summer hours, birth- day bagels, company happy hours, large group games at lunch, bowling and golf nights, a pontoon summer boat ride, a summer BBQ, the annual ugly sweater contest, the annual pumpkin carving contest, baby and wedding showers and birthday celebrations. DMR Architects is a Best Place to Work as the company is committed to IMC Construction’s overall success is directly related to our values. Values in our people and culture. Our company’s

Retirement plan, Health insurance, profit sharing, employee training, ma -

ternity leave, free parking, flexibility, positive culture & work environment, Thanksgiving Luncheon, Non-Profit support.

Benchmark is a continually grow- ing firm, with an undeniable focus

on our values of Balance, Integrity, Loyalty and Lead- ership. Each of these are displayed in our employees and upheld daily making our employees feel valued and heard. There is a great list of benefits available to each employee and it continues to grow. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? A high 401k match, considerable amount of paid time off, well - ness programming and discounts on health insurance for maintaining wellbeing, corporate celebrations and family events.

Our company is the best place to work because our Executives and Leadership team cares about the success. We have a flexible, laid back, and team collabora - tive culture.

Our core values are: Service, Expertise, Community, and Fun – our Executives down to our employees live this every day. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? We are constantly being pro-active in upgrading our benefits for our employees. Right now, our benefits are: • Flexible work-schedule • 401K and company contribution • Low Cost Benefits Options • Company Sponsored Life Insurance • Long Term Disability Insurance • Discounted Vendors • Personalized Road Map Development Paths • Financial Fitness Education Services • Quarterly Happy Hours • Lunch Parties that includes contests that rewards – Ugly Sweater, Halloween Costume, pet costume, etc • Birthday Celebrations and gift card rewards • Generous Time-off Policy

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