CIPP future of payroll survey report 2019


* Over the years the move for the monthly pay date has shifted towards the end of the month to enable the removal of mistakes being made to employees pay and to give payroll greater time to check multiple things before sending the final payroll. As you can see from the data in the table over 75% (last day of the month, 28 and 25) of companies are still following this model, but again how will ‘pay on demand change this?’ Watch this space.

* One point to note was that 38% of the respondents said that they pay before the 16 of the month; is this causing any issues when you look at the time to create the payroll and the accuracy of it etc?

As the roll out of Universal Credit continues it is possible that the interaction between pay periods and Universal Credits will impact either the pay date or pay frequency or both in future years.

With a recent court case calling for a judicial review, it is of course possible that the DWP may amend its rules but if this does not come to pass, employers may decide to change either the pay frequency or pay date to ease the impact on their workers.


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