CIPP future of payroll survey report 2019


Approach and context

The survey launched during National Payroll Week 2018. Like last year it was distributed to the UK payroll community through the CIPP News Online , standalone marketing emails and through social media. The survey was sent to over 5,000 people and it achieved a 10% response rate which was on par with 2017. The CIPP would like to thank those who did respond as this enables a greater understanding of where payroll is in the 21st Century. The CIPP is passionate about the future of payroll, and this report will explore the survey results and industry developments to provide payroll professionals with some ‘food for thought’ regarding what the future may look like, as well as how they can start to think about new developments which may lead to a more strategic role within their organisation. For the profession to continue to grow it is important to recognise that things will need to change to ensure that payroll takes its rightful place alongside the other business functions. An example of this may be that actually payroll as a function needs to be in the middle of HR and finance departments to ensure that there are the correct controls in place and it is recognised as a strategic function rather than a purely operational one.


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