“I love the playlist has been put together by sober women choosing their favourite tunes. I keep trying to decide who chose what!" Ann W. "I am listening to all kinds of music that I would not normally listen to and it brings me joy. One minute I am dancing, the next minute I am reflecting." Lisa B.

Our sober support meetings are closed keeping the groups small and allow relationships be fostered in a sacred space of trust. The host picks a song at the end to dance out and the zoom-room becomes a feast of women dancing in joy and freedom feeling empowered and positive going into their day or week. I started it believing ending a meeting on dance is a fun, liberating thing to do as women together and our SPOTIFY Playlist includes songs we dance to, songs that inspire us, songs that motivate us and bring us joy. The Hola Sober Sisters kindly submitted their favourite songs and we have a wonderfully eclectic mix of tastes and songs for you to enjoy! Please click and enjoy! CLICK https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4jSjY1gUq0T S17yfqzhZ2m

If you would like to work on "Resistance" we have the perfect meditation for you! Alexandra Hartley-Leonard has recorded the most fabulous meditation that goes hand-in-hand with her column this month. Please head over to HUSH on the Hola Sober website, for our new meditation released this month on "Letting Go of Resistance".

We hope this helps to expand your meditation practice."

SOUNDCLOUD or for download. CLICK https://holasober.com/meditations

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