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Many adults have an impact on the life of a child, but few more than teachers. With the return of the school year, I’d like to take a moment to recall some of the teachers who impacted me. Mrs. Koneski, my fifth-grade teacher, comes to mind first. She shared stories of being in England during World War II and made sure I learned the building blocks of math and English. Because the war had recently ended, we talked about current events and history, and we even did duck-and-cover drills. It was a scary time, but with everything going on in the world, it made me value my education even more. It was in college that a professor set the stage for me to go to law school. At the time, I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do. I was interested in business and law and busy with my ROTC unit. Then I took an American Government class with Professor Jerry

Jordan, and that was it. Professor Jordan was one of the first true intellectual giants I’d met. He had a sharp wit and was a clear, energizing speaker who made everything interesting. Have you ever had a teacher like that? It really makes you want to keep learning. I took every course he offered over the next three years, and after a few semesters with him, I realized civics was one of my chief interests. When he taught constitutional law, it really sparked my interest, and I became a public affairs major, determining my pre- law route and giving me a true liberal arts college experience. These experiences in education set me on my journey to the type of law I wanted to practice. While I was serving as a trustee of a K-12 school, I had seen kids who were trying to fit in while coping with autism and other learning challenges. Later on in my law

practice, I began to see how I could make a difference for those students and their families. If you have worked with me or read this newsletter before, you know my passion for working with families with special needs. It’s because of my teachers who made me appreciate the educational process and guided me toward my career. I felt stimulated to find ways to help, and that’s what continues to motivate me. I hope the this school year is a positive one for you and your family. Know that in this transitional time, we are here to support you and answer questions for you, so reach out to us. If you’re looking for more information about estate planning and how to not have your assets end up in probate, we have an article for you on Page 2. Enjoy the newsletter and have a happy September. – Arthur J. Swerdloff


www.lawwithasmile.com • 310-577-9104

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