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November 2017


Meaningful Holiday Even though autumn is almost at its end, I’m still often struck by the beauty of Ohio’s changing seasons: drive. Though, even with the extra days, our plans are a little up in the air at the time I’mwriting this. My mother-in-law recently sold their family home and is rebuilding it into a kind of“landominium,”so it’s unlikely that will be the spot for future get-togethers. the deep browns, reds, and yellows drifting down from branches overhead, leaving

a multicolored spectacle wherever you look. When I’m driving, it’s not uncommon for me to actually stop

But no matter where we are, Thanksgiving is sure to be a big operation. Usually, our get-togethers range from 15 people all the way to 40, with

“I love Thanksgiving not only because it gets everybody together, but because it forces us to pause and really consider our relationships. “

the car on the side of the road, step outside into the crisp air, and marvel beneath a particularly

everybody bringing one or two items to contribute. With so many people pitching in, we end up with a table piled with all kinds of foods, from the classic standbys to some family recipes. Though, living in Ohio, I need to clarify: We don’t do dressing most years, unless I take the time to make it myself. Luckily, the day is usually pretty stress-free, with everybody working together to get everything prepared. Besides eating one of the most wonderful meals of the year, we spend a ton of time chatting and catching up with one another. I love Thanksgiving not only because it gets everybody together, but because it forces us to pause and really consider our relationships. We reflect on what we all mean to each other and the importance of these connections. We always take a moment before eating to say a big prayer and give thanks for everything we’ve been given. This year, I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a fabulous family, with all of us achieving so much in so many different avenues. I’m also thankful to have the opportunity to make time for these loved ones, breaking bread and drinking wine together without a care in the world.

gorgeous tree swaying in the wind. Sometimes, my husband pokes fun at me for this tendency, but I guess it’s just in my nature.

But as fall finally turns to winter, my favorite thing isn’t the landscape draped in frost. It’s the opportunity to reflect back on the year that’s passed, spend time with family and friends, and appreciate those things that make life meaningful. I’m talking, of course, about Thanksgiving, a holiday I

look forward to more than perhaps any other.

- Kim Nartker

The fourth Thursday of November used to typically find us at my family home out in Georgia. For years after I opened Stretch Physical Therapy, I was too busy treating patients and managing the business to make the time for the 11-hour



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