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Direct Mail and Doordrop working together

Donna Wilcox

Introduction to our Doordrop Media team


Our dedicated Doordrop team helps brands connect with consumers in their homes

Experts in applying insights and data analytics to target households that fit specific geo-demographic profiles


Our Intelligent Doordrop approach maximises our clients’ media investment

We create efficient and targeted campaigns to reach households at a postcode sector level Use in-house and external data sources to profile most valuable households to reach

Experienced account management team offer 360° service from brief to evaluation We target, plan, deliver and measure Doordrop activity


Our Insight & Planning team is at the heart of Intelligent Doordrop

Data Analytics

Campaign planning

Evaluate Success

Appraise the value of consumers reached, and feed insights into future planning

Use a combination of the latest data sources to profile most valuable consumers

Develop a Doordrop strategy to deliver against campaign objectives


Working with Royal Mail to deliver value to our doordrop clients

Work with major advertisers who invest in significant Royal Mail doordrop media volume

Developed bespoke Royal Mail systems in-house A recognised doordrop affiliate of Royal Mail and work in partnership to support the media channel


Integrating Direct Mail

and Doordrop Media for stronger results


Doordrop and Direct Mail are cost-effective acquisition channels

Source: MC&C analysis

Source: TGI Q3 2015 *Includes all addressed mail not including Personal Mail, **seen/read at least 5 unaddressed items per week

Doordrop and Direct Mail both offer national reach and a tangible experience, delivering response This results in a unique combination of cost-effective acquisition and scalability People who see regular Doordrop and Direct Mail are more likely to take action


Direct Mail and Doordrop work harder when planned together

Complimentary channels

Integrated approach

Stronger results

Analysis shows Doordrop builds brand awareness and ‘warms up’ the target audience prior to receive a timely Direct Mail follow up piece

Direct Mail and Doordrop Media are geographically based, offer a physical brand connection and are both highly targeted

Synchronise Doordrop and Direct Mail activity to create an effective campaign Limit wastage by flighting activity for greater impact


Our Insight and Planning team optimise Doordrop and Direct Mail activity

Advice on target audiences, geography and flighting of activity Drive stronger results with efficient integrated campaigns Deliver cost-savings Full evaluation of campaign success and insights for future planning Use of multiple data sources and access to mailing lists, if required

Added Value Services

Map key:

Direct Mail: individual householder

Doordrop coverage: postcode sector c.2,500 households


Analysis shows Doordrop and Direct Mail deliver higher responses when combined

Direct Mail Response Example

Analysis across multiple industry sectors to understand the impact of Doordrop on Direct Mail activity Evidence shows Doordrop have a greater impact on response versus Direct Mail alone This approach works for acquisition campaigns - when the Doordrop and Direct Mail piece align in terms of creative, messaging and offer. Our evaluation is based on Test and Control methodology; • Test: Households exposed to DM and Doordrop • Control: Similar size and profile of Test households but only exposed to DM • Impact of other media is equal across Test and Control


Home Improvement Sector Post Doordrop online visits increased by 30% contributing to higher response overall

 40%

The average increase in Direct Mail response rates, pre to post Doordrop campaign for a leading retail client


Source: Internal Whistl pre-post campaign data analysis

Finance Sector Creative and offer were aligned on both Doordrop and Direct Mail

 38%

The average increase in response rates when DM & Doordrop were combined for a financial services client


Source: Internal Whistl pre-post campaign data analysis

Telecoms Sector Analysis shows optimum flighting between Doordrop and DM is between 1-4 weeks depending on offer

 25%

The average increase in sales uplift when DM & Doordrop were combined for a major telecoms client


Source: Internal Whistl pre-post campaign data analysis

Charity Sector Example of negative impact and wastage when Doordrop and DM not planned together

 212% The average reduction in Direct Mail response rates when Doordrop Media lands in the same week


Source: Internal Whistl pre-post campaign data analysis

Thank You

Donna Wilcox Account Manager

Mobile: 07538 317 971 Email: donna.wilcox@whistl.co.uk



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