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December 2017 Inside This Newsletter • A Letter From Arlan • The Most Powerful Deep Tissue Laser Has Arrived • Patient Spotlights • Don't Let The Cool Weather Slow You Down

Arlan Alburo, PT, DPT, MTC

Stay Warm, Stay Active! Staying warm and dry when heading out to exercise in cold weather is all about layers. A little preparation can keep you safe from cold weather hazards like hypothermia and frostbite. The elderly may be at more risk because they may have limited ability to communicate or impaired mobility. Elderly people may also have lower subcutaneous fat and a diminished ability to sense temperature, so they can suffer hypothermia without knowing they're in danger. If you’ve had a health condition that makes you hesitant about remaining active during the winter, talk with one of our therapists before starting any exercise to be sure you’re following a safe, effective physical activity program. All the best,

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Arlan Alburo

Get toKnowDr. Michaela LanaeDuncan

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My name is Michaela, or better known as Lanae Duncan and I recently graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in August of 2017. I was raised in Fort Wayne, IN and then went to DePauw University in Greencastle, IN where I obtained a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance. I then moved to Indianapolis where I worked at the YMCA and then as a Rehab Technician for Kindred Transitional Care and Rehab prior to entering physical therapy school at the University of Indianapolis. In my free time I enjoy exercising, especially running, playing the violin and piano, spending time with family, and taking part in various ministries at my church on the weekends. I really enjoy getting to know my patients and figuring out the best way to help them achieve their goals!

Be the first 10 to call with the misspelled word and receive a $10 Gift Card Call in and Win Hotline: 219-548-8770 Misspelled Mania Edition Judy Butkovic Matt Bukavac Gordon Sheffer Winners: Diane Androskaut Pat Hildebrand Chuck Hahn Barb Weingart Robert Solon Mary Ennulat Diane Anderskaut


"When I came to OBTS, I suffered with a stiff neck which caused discomfort and pain in my head, shoulders, back, and arms. Driving was becoming difficult, as I could barely turn my head to see oncoming traffic. My sleep was interrupted because of pain and constant repositioning to find a comfort zone. After a few weeks of therapy, I began feeling relief. Continuous therapy has given me mobility and I am now able to sleep restfully! I have enjoyed time spent with the my therapist and staff. What a kind, fun, and great group of caretakers. Thank you!" -G.M. "Continuous therapy has given me mobility and I am now able to sleep restfully!"

"This place is amazing! I’ve seen them once for an evaluation and had two laser treatments from a new machine that is four times stronger than any laser. After two laser treatments, I’m here to tell you I am pain free! My last MRI showed scarring down around the sciatic nerve which was causing pain. This new laser treatment has proven to be successful! I was at the end of hoping for relief without another surgery. Thank you God for this group of therapists and equipment they have available to relieve chronic pain. If you are looking for therapy and positive results look no further. This group is incredible! Thank you Orthopedic Balance Therapy Specialists." -Phyllis Holman Honor "This new laser treatment has proven to be successful!"

"Sciatica, hip, and leg pain... gone!"

"My first experience and resolution of problems with my hips, sciatica, and back went so well, I knew when I sought for help in my right arm, shoulder, neck, and back of my head, the outcome would be positive as well. That is called faith and confidence in Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists' staff members. Mike and Teresa are knowledgeable providers of therapy and diagnoses. Equally important is Laura who takes the headache away by dealing with the insurance providers. Sciatica, hip, and leg pain... gone! Shoulder, neck pain, and headache... gone! Sure I need to keep working on exercises, but anyone who experiences these results won't want to start all over again or experience the pain again." -A.W.

The most powerful Deep Tissue LASER has arrived at OBTS!

What is Deep Tissue LASER Therapy? It involves the application of light over injured tissues to: • Accelerate healing • Resolve inflammation • Give natural non-invasive pain relief to both acute and chronic issues How does LASER work? The LASER penetrates deeply through the skin driving energy (Photons) stimulating the repair and healing process. • Increases blood flow and supply of oxygen to tissues • More energy provides the injured tissues the ideal conditions to heal without medications, injections, or surgery

We are giving away 20 free Laser consultation spots and free Laser treatment for each spot.

Call today and I mean hurry and call as these spots will go quickly!"

Want to find out if your condition will benefit from Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

219-548-8770 3125 Calumet Ave., Suite 8 Valparaiso, IN 46383

219-310-8278 11055 Broadway, Suite B Crown Point, IN 46307

219-380-0809 1405 East Lincolnway, Suite B La Porte, IN 46350 www.orthopedicandbalancetherapy.com

We help people achieve unhindered lives.

Don't Let theCoolWeather SlowYouDown

When winter blows in, you can pull the blankets over your head and go back to sleep — or you can suit up and head out for an outdoor winter adventure! The American Heart Association offers these tips for working out in the cold of winter. There’s no reason you need to take a break from physical activity when the temperature drops. In fact, exercising in cooler weather has some distinct advantages over working out in warmer weather. Tips to Keep in Mind 1. No heat and humidity to deal with. Winter’s chill might even make you feel awake and invigorated. 2. You may be able to work out longer in cold weather — which means you can burn even more calories. 3. It’s a great way to take in the sunlight (in small doses). Not only can light improve many peple’s moods, it also helps you get some vitamin D. 4. Exercise boosts your immunity during cold and flu season. Just a few minutes a day can help prevent simple bacterial and viral infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Try these outdoor activities: • Brisk walking or hiking • Jogging or running • Raking leaves • Shoveling snow • Ice skating • Sledding • Cross-country skiing • Snowshoeing

Some people are afraid to exercise due to health conditions such as a heart attack, poor balance, past injury, etc. But regular physical activity can help reduce your chances of having to face more poor health conditions. If you would like to consult with one of our therapists on what activities may be the best for you this season, schedule an appointment with us today!

If the winter weather prevents you from getting outside, don’t just reach for the remote. Make your time inside count. There are many ways to get physical activity indoors — no gym required. Hand weights or resistance bands are a great addition, but not necessary. You can also wear a heavy backpack to add intensity to your workout.

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FREE NECK PAIN CHECK UP EVENT February 19th & 20th, 2018 Hello, Neck Pain and headaches can completely ruin your life... I’ve seen it many times. ü It can make you move like a robot because your neck is so stiff… ü It can take your focus away from enjoying your life… like spending time with your children or grandchildren… ü It can mess up your work or force you to do a job you don’t want to do… ü It can ruin your travel plans… ü And it can take away your ability to live life… having to rely on medication after medication just to get by… And less movement and enjoying of life can lead to depression, increased stress and a sedentary lifestyle (mostly sitting, not moving much) which leads to bigger health problems… and life problems. Here at the Neck and Headache Specialists at Orthopedic and Balance Therapy, we’ve helped 1000’s of people from right here in Valparaiso, Crown Point and LaPorte... and the rest of NW Indiana… who have suffered needlessly with neck pain and headaches… it’s our specialty. So by request, we’re hosting the FREE Neck Pain Check Up Event here at Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists: • Valparaiso Office: Monday February 19th - 3125 Calumet Ave., Suite 8 (next to the Valpo YMCA) • Crown Point Office: Tuesday February 20th - 11055 Broadway Suite B (in the On Broadway Complex, south of 109th) • LaPorte Office: Tuesday February 20th- 1405 E. Lincolnway Suite B (across Route 2 from Walmart) During the event, you’ll receive a 20-minute one-on-one appointment with one of our neck pain specialist physical therapists. You will also learn during your consult: • How to determine the cause of your neck pain without an expensive MRI (did you know that up to 85% of people over the age of 50 who have no symptoms of neck pain will show up with a bulging disc on an MRI? That’s right… they have no symptoms and yet the MRI shows a bulging disc!). • How to match the right treatment to the exact cause of your symptoms (this is where most patients get poor results… when the correct treatment is not matched to the correct cause). • Simple self-help techniques that will help you handle your neck pain without medications, injections, or surgery including the newest revolutionary non-invasive technology available in the market today. The dates and locations of the free consultations are as follows: • Valparaiso: Monday February 19. Call 219-386-4488 to reserve your spot. • Crown Point: Tuesday February 20. Call 219-213-9009 to reserve your spot. • LaPorte: Tuesday February 20. Call 219-380-0809 to reserve your spot. We have only 13 free consultation slots for each location and we expect to fill those slots quickly so call ASAP!


Arlan Alburo Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists

P.P.S. Call 219-386-4488 in Valparaiso; 219-213-9009 in Crown Point; or 219-380-0809 in LaPorte now to secure your spot for our FREE NECK PAIN CHECK UP ALL DAY EVENT on Monday, February 19th and Tuesday, February 20th.

Attention: Neck Pain Sufferers of NW Indiana!

Due to Popular Request… FREE NECK PAIN CHECK UP EVENT February 19th & 20th, 2018 Reveals How to Naturally Get Rid of Your Neck Pain Without Medications, Injections, or Surgery! · Do you suffer with neck pain every day? · Do you find yourself turning your shoulders instead of your head because your neck is stiff? · Do you experience pain, numbness, or tingling in your shoulder, arm, or down your hand? · Does your head feel heavy on your neck? · Are you afraid your pain will get worse if you don’t do anything about it? If you have answered YES to any of the above questions (or have a stubborn spouse who is in denial), the FREE Neck Pain Consultation Event may be a life changing event for you!

“When I first started therapy, I had constant neck pain and headaches with shooting pain in the right side of my neck and shoulder. I had a difficult time sleeping and I was taking more than 1000 mg of Motrin daily. After 4 weeks of therapy, I was pain free! No headaches, no shooting pain, no tingling down to my neck and right shoulder. AMAZING RESULTS!!! ” – Dr. John F., Valparaiso Physician


3125 Calumet Ave., Suite 8 Valparaiso, IN 46383

Specializing In: Lower Back Pain • Headaches and Neck Pain • Sciatica and Hip Problems Balance Issues and Difficulty Walking • Dizziness and Vertigo Shoulder Pain • Bursitis and Tendinitis Knee Arthritis and Joint Replacement Plantar Fasciitis • Laser Therapy • Graston Technique and More! We help people achieve unhindered lives.

219-548-8770 3125 Calumet Ave., Suite 8 Valparaiso, IN 46383 219-310-8278 11055 Broadway, Suite B Crown Point, IN 46307 219-380-0809 1405 East Lincolnway, Suite B La Porte, IN 46350



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