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It’s often said that a goal without a plan is only a wish, and how true this is! This month, we celebrate National Financial Planning

Three fantastic book recommendations we have are “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, “The Practice” by Seth Godin, and “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight. While they differ in many ways, they each provide the motivation and framework for forming great habits — both professionally and personally.

Month, a time set aside to raise awareness of the importance of having fiduciary plans in place that align with your financial goals, both personally and professionally.

From a business aspect, financial planning is crucial, and having a measurable goal to work toward is extremely beneficial. For our borrowers, knowing how to calculate profit/loss, balance sheets

“Atomic Habits” discusses surefire ways to break bad habits and develop better ones while mastering the behaviors necessary to set yourself up for success. After all, the best way to build a habit, even a financial one, is by making it a part of your identity. Small changes make big differences over time!

and staying on the same track as their financial institutions is important. How are you

helping our borrowers to achieve success through financial planning activities? Do your clients know that at CHB, if they have trouble making a payment, they can propose a realistic “get-well plan” and we can help?

“The Practice” is a fantastic road map to unleash creative wisdom for professionals. It takes a deep dive into what helps a person succeed and what may hold them back. “The Practice” is a great motivator to help you face your fears head-on while taking risks, and it opens your eyes to the beauty of creating systems, practices, or advice for the benefit of others.

As we progress through life, nothing remains the same. As situations change, so do our finances and goals. With that, financial plans need to be updated along the way. Make it a point to check in annually on your

“Shoe Dog” is a memoir, written by Nike CEO and founder Phil Knight. Knight takes us on a journey from Nike’s early days, through the struggles, and all the way through becoming one of the most profitable and game-changing brands in existence. Through grit and passion, he overcame so much, and his story is nothing but motivational. To wrap up, don’t forget to check in on your financial plan for the future, and while you’re at it, pick up a good book to read during some down time! From our CHB family to yours, we wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween — bring on the holidays!

financial plans and assist your borrowers in doing the same. Goals that were not achievable last year may be feasible this year. Our financial positions are dynamic, changing with the ebb and flow! This month, we also celebrate National Book Month. As our industry is also constantly changing and adapting to the forces surrounding it, keeping up with it is critical. The associations we belong to have a vast reference library for every skill/knowledge level. The American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB) and National Equipment Financing Association (NEFA) are a wealth of information — just choose and read!

–Kit West & Ed Meyer



One of the best parts of football season — other than watching your team dominate the scoreboards — is tailgating! It’s a great time filled with good food, drinks, and friends. The basics are easy to remember (condiments, trash bags, silverware, etc.), but sometimes the innovative and ingenious hacks are what bring the tailgate to a whole new level. Use a toolbox. You can find these in just about any home improvement store and turn them into a tailgating kit filled with all of the essentials. From can openers and spatulas to trash bags and sunscreen, a toolbox can hold everything and anything you may need for the best tailgating experience. It’s also great for keeping everything in one place. You can even keep it in your car so you’re ready to tailgate at any moment. Freeze water bottles. Instead of having to constantly refill your coolers and spend money on bags of ice, you can actually freeze your water bottles. The frozen bottles will keep your drinks and other refrigerated items cool for hours, and then by the end of the game, you will have fresh, cold water to drink. TAKE YOUR TAILGATE TO THE NEXT LEVEL GET IN THE GAME

CHB tailgating the UW vs. UNC football game on Sept. 10 in Laramie, WY

Set up a hand-washing station. This may be one of the most overlooked essentials in tailgating. Though some may settle for a simple hand sanitizer, if you’re cooking with raw meat and marinades, you may want to wash your hands with soap and water. Rather than waiting in long lines and missing tailgating time, you can have a “hand-washing station” nearby so you don’t miss out on the action! An empty laundry detergent dispenser or a cooler with a water spout can be filled with warm water for rinsing your hands — just have soap and paper towels on standby. Try these tailgating hacks this coming football season — or any sporting season! Whether you’ve been showing up to the games for decades or you’re hosting your first tailgating event, these genius hacks will make your next game easy, fun, and one for the books.


Here’s a situation you’re probably familiar with: You’ve got a prospective client, and it seems like they’re interested in your product, but no matter what you or your top salespeople say or do, they just won’t commit to the sale. If this sounds like your business, don’t panic! There are ways you can improve your closing skills that you can start doing right now! One of the most tried-and-true methods is the assumptive close. In this tactic, the salesperson proceeds under the assumption that the prospect already wants to buy. They won’t say things like, “Are you ready to buy?” Instead, they focus on saying, “How many of our products would you like to purchase?” Another often successful method is the “puppy dog close.” This is a common tactic that involves offering a free trial or sample of your product to the prospective client in hopes they will fall in love with it and continue with the actual purchase.

actual sales process beforehand. When you try to sell to someone with whom you aren’t familiar, even just talking with them can be difficult. So, you need to make an effort to know each customer and their potential objections. Take some time to figure out who they are and why they’re coming to your business for your products or services. This will help you figure out what objections they may have so that you can develop a plan to combat their doubts. Lastly, know when to give up on a sale. You aren’t going to be able to close with every customer who walks through your door, and that’s okay. When prospects fail to show interest in closing after multiple meetings, it’s time to focus your efforts elsewhere. If you get too caught up in one unlikely prospect, you may miss out on more promising opportunities. If you take the time to learn and train your team on different selling techniques, you will begin to notice an increase in sales before long.

However, improving your closing skills means nothing if you don’t put legwork into the



Soft vs. Hard Credit Pulls WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

Pumpkin Pie Parfaits

Inspired by Kenarry.com

These parfaits are an easy fall dessert everyone can make!

INGREDIENTS • 3.4 oz instant vanilla pudding mix • 2 cups cold milk • 15-oz can pumpkin purée

Creditworthiness is an important aspect of the lending process here at CHB, and we do both soft and hard pulls. A soft pull provides us with the preliminary information required to move forward with a deal without “dinging” your clients’ credit scores. It provides us with an estimate of a credit score and the reasoning behind it. Once a soft pull deems the client to be a promising candidate, we can then perform a hard pull, which gives us the information necessary to take a deeper dive into their credit history. A hard pull is only conducted once an applicant is approved and prepared to move on to signing documents. Our credit pulls are done through two sources: Credco by Core Logic and Credit Information System (CIS). CHB is also a “storied lender.” By this, we mean that our financing decisions are based upon the applicant’s story, not just the number on their credit report. Hard pulls provide us with some valuable insight into a candidate’s story and timeline, which is all factored into the final credit decision. When clients receive a credit approval from us, it’s an official “YES!”

3. In small jars or glasses, place cookie crumbs on bottom, then pumpkin mixture, then whipped topping. Repeat these layers twice and end with cookie crumbs. 4. Chill until ready to serve! • 1/2 tsp cinnamon • 1/4 tsp nutmeg • 1/8 tsp ground cloves • 1 cup vanilla sandwich cookies • 8 oz whipped topping


1. In a large bowl, whisk together pudding mix and milk. Let sit for 5 minutes, then stir in pumpkin purée, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves. 2. In a blender or food processor, crush vanilla sandwich cookies into crumbs.

Take a Break

Some common hard credit pulls include:

Business applications

Apartment rental applications

Mortgage applications Student loan applications Personal loan applications Credit card applications

Auto loan applications

Alternatively, some examples of soft credit pulls include:

Pre-qualified credit card applications

Pre-qualified insurance quotes

Credit score checks

Employment verifications

Commercial Equipment Finance Request

To check your creditworthiness to gather an honest (and free) idea of where your credit is before applying for a loan, AnnualCreditReport.com is mandated by federal law to provide you with a report from all three major credit reporting agencies — Transunion, Experian, and Equifax. Keeping a close eye on your credit is essential to tracking your performance and ensuring errors do not exist! For all soft or hard credit pull questions, we are here to help! Give us a call today!







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1 National Financial Planning Month 2 Best Tailgating Hacks 2 Proven Methods to Become a Better Closer 3 Pumpkin Pie Parfaits 3 Soft Pulls vs. Hard Pulls 4 A Quick Catch-Up

A Quick Catch-Up

AND A REMINDER FOR HALLOWEEN Obey all pedestrian rules. If you are out trick-or-treating with your kids, be sure you and your children understand and obey all pedestrian safety rules, including using crosswalks and looking both ways before crossing. Remember, cars may not always see you and at night likely don’t. Take precautions. Keep your kids visible to

Here at C.H. Brown, we jump at the opportunity to engage in continuing education, networking, and skill-building, and we encourage you to do the same! From Nov. 2–4, we will be sending three members of our team to the 2022 National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA) Funding Symposium at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. With the perfect blend of fun, networking, and workshops, it is sure to be a great time! After all, NEFA Charity Axe Throwing kicks off the three-day event! We hope to see you there! As a reminder, we have recently increased our costs as a result of vendor’s increased costs; these are flow-through expenses. For example, non-solar GPS units have increased in price from $275 to $340, and Title Exchange/VIN Verification on private party deals has increased from $250 to $280. These changes took effect on Monday, Sept. 12.

Lastly, with Halloween just around the corner, things are getting a bit spooky — scary movies are circulating on television, families are stocking up on candy, and houses are being transformed into haunted spaces! As the scariest night of the year approaches, remember to be safe while driving and walking on Halloween. Here are some quick holiday safety tips. Follow all rules of the road while driving. Following all of the rules of the road is crucial on Halloween. At all traffic signals, come to a complete stop and look twice for children. Remember that costumes may make them more difficult to see. Drive the speed limit and keep your eyes on the road at all times! And drive sober! Stay vigilant. On Halloween, children get excited. Be on the lookout for any kids unexpectedly running out into the road. Stay aware of your surroundings and always check twice (and a third time) for kids.

drivers on the road. If your child is wearing a dark costume, reflective tape is a great way to make them more visible. Be sure to travel in groups and carry

a flashlight while trick‑or-treating.

Happy Halloween!



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