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Boys, I’m not sure we can yet fully appreciate the sheer talent in this room. We must always remember what a privilege it is to attend a college like this – not just because of the resources it provides us, but also because of the amazing people that fill it, both boys and staff. I urge you all to take a moment to give your mum, dad, grandma or uncle, whoever it may be, a hug for giving you the opportunity to attend this school. I was also thinking of whom to thank for my time at College. Many teachers have shaped what has been an incredible five years for all of us departing Year 13 students, and so I’d like to thank the staff as a whole. Each boy here has been lucky enough to have support, trust and guidance from all teachers, but we all have one or two teachers that have played a significant role in our time here, so I encourage you all to thank them personally when given the opportunity. The last of the “thank yous”. I’d like to personally thank Mr Wynne, Mr Donaldson and Mr Cortesi. Ollie Jones and I have had the pleasure of the combined wisdom and mentoring of these three gentlemen this year. I am pleased to inform you that policing the correct socks and enforcing walking your bikes in school are not the top priorities of these leaders. In fact, the attributes I will remember are their dedication to the school, their professional approach to everything and treating

all with respect. Thank you. Throughout this year Captain

mission statement of the school. For each boy to be at their best, that can be in whatever they choose to do. Last year, I challenged the juniors to extend themselves and take up opportunities so they can be at their best. I now extend this challenge to you boys sitting here today. To the Year 13 students, this is the beginning of a new chapter. Continue the work you’ve done over the past five years and not only strive to be your best, but also practise the empathy, compassion and service to others that College has taught us. I’m so grateful to have been part of such an awesome year group and so excited to see what everyone does in the future. To the Year 12 students and next year’s Prefects – I know you’ll carry on and strengthen the brotherhood here at College. This year, we have tried to put a focus on student voice and inclusion – I hope you can take this even further. Heading into your last year, the influence you have over the younger boys is never greater, and so I challenge you all to role model selflessness, gratitude, and, of course, prosperity. To next year’s Head Prefects, Ed and Matty. The school is so lucky to have two boys that prosper in every sense of the word. The social intelligence, work ethic and many talents you both have will serve you well, and I look forward to seeing you thrive in your roles next year. I’d now like to use this opportunity to hand over the korowai and to present Ed Davidson with the Head Prefect’s badge. To conclude, I’d like to wish you all the very best for the years to come. Stay grateful, appreciate the privileges you have, and continue to enjoy yourself in whatever you do. No reira, nga mihinui ki a koutou katoa, kia pai to ¯ koutou ha¯rarei. For one last time, live long and prosper. Te¯na¯ koutou, te¯na¯ koutou, te¯na¯

Spock’s “Live long and prosper” has been a continual theme at the weekly full school assemblies. Although this started slightly as a joke, I’m going to milk this movie quote one last time as I believe it has many parallels with the values of this school. “Bene tradita, bene servanda”. Good traditions, well maintained. Live long. With the upcoming 175-year anniversary of this institution, and with Christ’s College being the oldest school in New Zealand, there must be something that this school does well to ensure that it “lives long”. Whilst it can be up for debate, the main reason I believe this school has lasted for as long as it has is due to the care people have for it – the care shown by all teachers who go above and beyond for their students, the care from Old Boys who give back to what helped shape them, and the care the boys have for one another. For me, the generosity and care I’ve observed throughout my time here is essential to the longevity of this school. With that I challenge you boys to transfer this care, respect and kindness into everyday life. We’ve been the beneficiaries of the generosity of our parents and this school, so pay it forward in times to come. The second part of Captain Spock’s “live long and prosper” is all about success. Each boy at his best is the

tatou katoa Benji Ward Head Prefect 2022


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