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Materials Technology, Mechanical Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Building & Construction This year, students were able to experience a range of hands-on technological practice in their Materials Technology, Building & Construction and Mechanical Engineering courses. This was the first year we ran the new practical, industry-focused Building & Construction course where students learnt skills aligned to what would be ordered on pre-trade courses. Our class and student numbers continue to grow, reflecting a renewed passion and interest in technology education. All Year 9 students have had time in the workshops to develop skills using a range of materials, tools and machinery, as well as general workshop safety and design. With the new College Diploma, boys had the opportunity to either take a two- period or four-period class in wood, metal or industrial design. Students in Year 11 could choose a four-period course in either wood or metal. It is fair to say that the number of boys wanting to take a two-period course exceeded our expectations and we had to look for more staff to help take these classes. The boys enjoyed being

been very successful. This year, boys designed lights, guitars, yacht clubs, baches, and food trucks – just some of the many projects that were completed. Following the end of their internals, the boys showcased their work in an exhibition around the school. This year the standard improved and it was wonderful to see so many creative ways to showcase their work. Monique Ellis-Martin TiC Design & Visual Communications Digital Technology In Digital Technology, students were exposed to a variety of activities focused on computational thinking and the design and development of digital outcomes. Students have been challenged to change the way they think about problem-solving and to consider future opportunities in an exponentially changing industry. Year 9 students have gained an understanding of algorithms and programming through a dedicated robotics course that encourages teamwork, problem-solving and design thinking. Students in Years 10–11 built on this knowledge in Diploma courses that allowed them to investigate computational thinking and the design process. Projects

of work introduced students to a range of digital tools and skills, including studies into algorithms, programming, web development, robotics, and the relationship between computers and humans. Senior students continued to develop skills and knowledge in computer systems, programming and web development. In Years 12–13, students were able to pursue unique and challenging personal projects that resulted in a range of outcomes, including websites, 3D driving games, and an Artificial Intelligence system that learnt to play the “Snake” game. These outcomes reflect the varied skills and interests of the students moving through the Digital Technology curriculum. With these personal projects, the students developed project management skills alongside the required technical skills. Once again, all senior students successfully sat their DCAT exams in the relatively new approach to digital examinations for external assessment standards. These ran smoothly thanks to the help of the Digital Services team and the exam preparation completed earlier in the year. Craig Walker TiC Digital Technology


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