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and construction, development, architecture, engineering, medicine,and computer science. Career interviews The one-on-one career interviews have again proved to be a very good starting point for the Years 11–13 boys to revisit their thoughts for the future. This may be subject choices at school, or future course planning regarding courses and subjects at universities or polytechnics. The aim is to always keep options open and have a range of subjects to study. Most are aware that people will have several jobs in the future and although the qualification is important, other factors – such as their character strengths, areas of interest, ability to communicate, and being part of a team, to name a few – will come into play when being offered a job. Having a Plan B is crucial, especially in those areas of study which are highly competitive. Immerse & Inspire We continued the careers’ evening sessions during the Year 10 boys’ stay in Jacobs House. The MyMahi programme allowed much to be completed. The boys were able to revisit their goals originally done in mentor groups, and reflect on their learning style and character strengths. MyMahi provides a platform for their information to be stored. They created their curriculum vitae, looked at various jobs on the CareersNZ website and the subjects recommended that they take at school. MyMahi also offers a site where students may find part- time or holiday jobs. It was pleasing to see the Years 11–12 boys revisit their MyMahi, especially with regard to their CVs. Tertiary providers Each year, the tertiary providers come to College to talk to boys about their university or polytechnic. The first visit is an introduction and this is followed up with more in-depth information and course planning. The information includes the courses on offer, recommended school subjects, scholarships and accommodation. Year 12 students

are reminded that their grades that year determine scholarships and accommodation places when they leave school. This year, we also had a visit from St George's University School of Medicine in Grenada, West Indies. It also has a partnership with Northumbria University in Britain. This is another option for students interested in studying medicine overseas. The University of Sydney visited and talked about the accommodation in its colleges, and the University of Melbourne highlighted the subjects required in Year 13 for certain courses. YEAR 13 LEAVERS Below are the statistics, as of November 2022, for boys leaving at the end of the year. In all, 90% intend to study at tertiary institutions in 2023 and 10% intend to work, or do a pre-trade or an apprenticeship. The following percentages apply to those who are attending tertiary institutions in 2023 and their intended place of study: 31% University of Canterbury 18% University of Otago 17% Lincoln University 11% Australian / USA Universities 9% University of Auckland 8% Victoria University Wellington 4% Ara / Smedley Station and Cadet Training Farm / Queenstown Resort College 1% Massey University 1% AUT Auckland University of Technology Of the 2022 leavers attending tertiary institutions in 2023, the following perecentages indicate the intended areas of study: 27% Commerce / Commerce & Law 15% Science / Science & Law / Computer Science / Sport Science 12% Engineering / Aircraft engineering

9% Arts / Arts & Law / Arts & Science or Commerce 7% Valuation & Property Management / Urban Planning 6% Health Sciences / Veterinary Science 6% Architecture 6% Design / Digital Screen Production / Fine Arts / Product Design / Photography 4% Sport Coaching / Sport & Recreational Managemen 3% Agriculture 3% Communications / Broadcasting / Music 2% Social Work / Tourism

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