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Outstanding Sportsman Cup for sporting excellence and sportsmanship, demonstrating positivity in all he is involved in Matthew Brett SN Johnstone Memorial Cup for service to the House, showing good character and endeavour across College and consistent support and involvement in the House Flynn Topham Each Boy at his Best Cup for general effort, character and citizenship within the House Max Topham, Noah Yee OTHER PRIZES Special Housemaster's Award for most House points and contribution to the House Santino Felitti-Duter, Levi Astle

Special Housemaster's Award for effort, endeavour and general contribution toward the House Bill Cross, Kennedy Xiao, Jordan Yee, Nicholas Sharr, Michael Taylor Cufflinks for most House points earned Harry Sharr, Santino Felitti-Duter, Levi Astle Matthew Brett will be Deputy Head Prefect in 2023. Matthew's dedication to all that he is involved with around the school and strength of character have earned him the respect of staff and students alike during his time at College, and this is a well-deserved appointment. Congratulations to Nate Ovendale who will be Head of Condell's House in 2023. With his positive energy and people-focused attitude, Nate hopes to lead the House effectively

by getting to know the boys, along with their strengths, and will begin his role over the next few weeks with the support of Harry Sharr. Next year, we hope to continue to effectively organise sports and cultural teams and encourage participation and support of the House from as wide a group as possible so that each student gains from the House experience. We hope to continue successful fundraising initiatives for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Finally, thank you to the whole of the Condell's House community for their support this year. With such strong support from all surrounding them, the Condell's cohort has much to look forward to in 2023. Alex Robertson Housemaster, Condell’s House


Back Row: MJB Rothera, AM Viles, LH Johnson, Z Shen, GJL Pearse, EI Grey, OGB March, MN Brett, CJ Dalling, S Jang, HG Campbell, CC Yee, NC Ovendale, C Gong, SJ Cross Fourth Row: Mr MGP Cortesi (Mentor), MP Sedze, JT Onions, MAG Topham, TG Rawstron, PG Cochran, AJ Whithear, AJ Smith, NJ Sharr, OG Compton-Moen, MJ Hickman, NF Yee, HJ Penn, WLM Owen, Mrs S Squire (Mentor), Mr PB McCarthy (Mentor) Third Row: Mrs JL Thomas (Mentor), X Gu, ET Foote, ERH Whalan, DDP Clarkson, AD Anderson, CA Doutch, GS Wilson, JCH Hansen-Ratter, HMH Lee, MC Johnson, NK McCrystal, AM Vincent, RX Brown, JK Hastie, Ms K Howatson (Mentor) Second Row: HD Vincent, ET Cochran, AEM Oliver, SE Smith, JK Yee, FS Broomhall, AN Speight, FCD Topham (Deputy Head of House), Ms AIS Robertson (Housemaster), HR Sharr (Head of House), TR Harrison, LC Astle, S Felitti-Duter, Q Chen, GAF Lee, RV Barker Front Row: WGS Matheson, NC Blundell, JW Fletcher, SMR O’Connell, FA McGregor, JG Hunter, HD Murfitt, DW Stockton, FM Hastie, WCJ Cross, FM Felitti-Duter, AJ Aitken, LW Murney, J Lai Absent: SR Aitken, Miss OM Austin (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), MJ Taylor, HT Visakan, Z Xiao


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