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time, my Year 13 cohort was to complete the year having only me as their Housemaster. There are huge advantages to this continuity and I am proud of the way we have developed as a community. I am always learning and hope to refine and adjust to continue to have Corfe House being the House where boys feel secure, supported and have a great College experience. Corfe was again well represented in an unusual school Athletics Sports. With no spectators allowed and a reduction in the non-championship events, it was very difficult to recreate the usual passion and interhouse rivalry that we were accustomed to. That aside, we had some great performances. In the U14 grade, Ben Cambell and Che De Luca were outstanding. Ben Campbell 1st U14 800mm

And Joseph Nash, our resident speedster, was again unbeatable over 100m, 200m and 400m. We are all looking to him to hopefully break a record or two in 2023. Joseph Nash 1st Senior 100m 1st Senior 200m 1st Senior 400m Ryan Primus 1st Senior Long Jump There would have been a greater Corfe presence had we had the non- championship events as well, and 2023 with its new format and being run at Nga¯ Puna Wai could be the change up that we need. Certainly, Joseph Nash should be at his best on such a good track. The swimming sports were also affected and only the true athletes competed. There were no House relays and it became a competition for only our competitive swimmers. Jordan Astley and Truman Heath were again impressive. We will have to hope that 2023 allows for a more inclusive event. Corfe House boys have been very good at encouraging each other and showing support for our House teams when we compete. This builds spirit and camaraderie, and the Covid-19 restrictions have hindered this significantly. This year, without the athletics and swimming sports, there was a void left where the boys could not get involved as spectators. It was very noticeable by the beginning of Term 2 that we needed to rebuild this passion for the House. At this time in the year, restrictions started to come off but the number of people away with sickness increased. Many schools started to struggle to cover classes, and absenteeism at College was at

Housemaster: Ian Stevenson Deputy Housemaster/Mentor: Andrew Levenger Mentors: Hannah Clarkson, Josh Kim, Amanda Lester, Tony O'Connor Head of House: William Jones At the end of 2021, I was able to reflect on one of the busiest years at College, frequently disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic and its ever-changing rules and regulations. I looked forward to a more normal 2022 – my 5th year as Housemaster – and to enjoying a more “normal” College routine. I was soon to discover that this was not going to be the case. We opened the year with social-distancing requirements and mask wearing, which made life in Corfe House far from the normal that I had anticipated. One of the many strengths of the boys – and indeed College – is the ability to adapt and adjust but still maintain a forward- looking approach. This is a strength of our boys, which impresses me every year. We quickly realised 2022 was going to be a challenge and full of changes, something we had come to see as a normal part of life. My goals again centred on teamwork, mutual respect and being the best we could be, and I aimed to build on these themes from the previous years as Housemaster. For the first

2nd U14 400m 2nd U14 1500m 2nd U14 3000m 3rd U14 200m Che De Luca

1st U14 High Jump 1st U14 Long Jump 1st U14 Triple Jump 2nd U14 Shot Put 3rd U14 100m Hurdles

In the Intermediate grade, Truman Heath, Mitchell Young and Nic Book performed very well. Truman Heath 1st Intermediate High Jump 2nd Intermediate 100m Hurdles 3rd Intermediate Long Jump Mitchell Young 2nd Intermediate Long Jump Nic Book 4th Intermediate Long Jump 3rd Intermediate Shot Put


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