The Wood Book NA Retail

What do you see as the upcoming trends in wood flooring?

Why do you feel innovation is important?

I am pleased to mention that wood ýooring is in a leading position among the most popular ýooring trends for ĂĀĂā. The main color trends include: whitewashed, light brown/natural, darker cool shades as well as two tone combinations. From Scandinavian inspirations, light woods will be a trend material for interiors. This wood will be used for ýooring but also coverings for walls and ceilings. Taken from the design concept, whitewashed ýooring and wider boards will also make their way to the top of the trend list for ĂĀĂā. hitewashed ýooring has become very popular among interior designers due to the harmony that it creates, it also blends in very well with interior trends such as minimalism. Minimalism continues its rise in popularity and focusses upon the idea that less is more. Texture is another product attribute that deserves a mention. When it comes to texture, the more the better. Choices for textured products are endless but something with hand scraped bevels accompanied by wire-brushing will give a beautiful distressed look. Trendy layouts such as herringbone, chevrons and hexagons are rising in popular ýoor choices for ĂĀĂā. Lastly, one concept that really stands out is combining two ýooring materials into one area. Think about mediums such as wood and ceramic tiles – this is popular in studio type living spaces where one area ýows into another. One such example that is very popular is hexagon ceramics mixed with hexagon wooden tiles in a kitchen or a bathroom area.

Innovation is important for any business. It facilitates growth and allows you to keep up with current trends and allow you to enter new markets. With innovation, it helps you to reinforce your brand in the marketplace. This can often be the main driver of success. You need people to talk about your brand continuously and sub consciously create a demand for your brand. Another aspect of innovation is not to only focus on completely new ideas, but to also focus on your current offering. By adding to, or developing on your current range, you can ensure you build upon your best sellers. Do you think the requirement for more sustainable flooring is increasing? efinitely. e, as consumers, are becoming more and more aware of our surroundings and our footprint on the planet. A big emphasis has been placed on global warming and how our current consumer trends are affecting the wellbeing of the planet. People are starting to take notice and realise that the power lies within us to change the future of our planet by making better consumer choices. These choices start from saying no to a plastic straw to demanding ýooring from sustainable forests.


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