Walk Away Back Pain

Outstanding Results I can walk and stretch without pain! “When I entered the facility, I had little hope of getting the pain in my back decreased, but after just 2 weeks of PT my back was much improved. I had not been able to bend my lower back in months without pain and now have little trouble. With the help of LPT and staff I am now able to perform daily tasks with little to no pain. I can now pick up objects and walk and stretch without pain. I can run, bicycle and play with the children I work with. Thank you!” - T.D. The wonderful staff has helped me recover! “Therapy has helped me get my life back. I no longer have back pain. My walking has gotten better, along with my exercises. I’m now able to clean and cook with no trouble. LPT has always been my therapy place of choice. The wonderful staff has helped me recover and helped me be who I am today in more ways than one.” - K.M. I can tell my pain has gotten better! “I started therapy due to severe back pain and to strengthen my legs. Just after a short time I can tell my pain has gotten better and my legs are getting stronger. My walking has gotten better and my exercises are getting easier.” - S.B.

“ As a new service we are offering this free download. It’s a good read. Give us your feedback on Facebook, our website, or by calling in and talking to Kelli. ” Lonoke & ProMotion Physical Therapy After treating hundreds of patients with joint problems, we want to share with you these 5 simple things you can do at home, to start feeling great.

• Is your mind on your back and neck pain instead of your life? • Do you feel really stiff when you try to get out of bed in the morning?

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Anna has been a part of our team for a year now!

Lonoke & ProMotion Physical Therapy celebrated a year’s worth of work with Anna. Anna joined our team in April.

Lonoke & ProMotion Physical Therapy extends to you our best wishes for a Happy Easter!

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