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Happy New Year! I am grateful and thankful for the continued community support that we receive and I am excited about the new year! We have a lot in-store for you as we want you to experience the very best that Atlanta Human Performance Center has to offer! In 2019 we made a lot of changes to bring you our best. We updated our website at www.ahpcpt.com, published our first printed newsletter, updated our digital newsletter, increased our content and visibility on social media through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Please follow us on these platforms and share our content. As we move throughout 2020, it is our goal to WOW our PHYSICAL THERAPY patients with a 5-star experience! We want to return all of our patients to a heightened level of performance in their occupational, recreational, and or sport activities. It is our desire to always EXCEED our patient’s expectations in customer service, expertise, professionalism, timeliness, attentiveness, and customized care. At your convenience, please rate and share your Atlanta Human Performance Center experience in the Google review section, as well as leave a comment. Your feedback matters; we’d love to hear from you! If you have fitness goals, we have you covered! Last year in our Fitness Center Division , we hired our new Fitness Center Manager, Tracy Mitchell and Fitness Center Assistant, Justin Lowther. Please visit them and ask about our fitness center classes and our New Year fitness center membership special! They are ready to help you reach your 2020 fitness goals! Starting in March, our new content series entitled, Professionals and Pain will air on Wednesdays on YouTube and Facebook. During this series, I will discuss how physical therapy can help with pain that is associated with certain professions. We are also planning our 2020 Fitness Extravaganza which will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2020 from 10am-2pm, so please save the date! And last but not least, in conjunction with other medical specialists, I am looking forward to bringing our amazing community of supporters a medical lecture series. We are so excited about this year as we bring you the best of Atlanta Human Performance Center! Our vision for 2020 is very clear; join us…there is more to come! Keith E. Evans, CEO, MD, PT, DPT, DN Cert. Practice limited to Physical Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, and Fitness Enhancement BRINGING YOU THE BEST OF ATLANTA HUMAN PERFORMANCE CENTER IN 2020! CALL FOR A PHYSICAL THERAPY CONSULTATION ARE YOU IN PAIN?


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For more information about our services and specialties, feel free to call and talk with your physical therapist today!


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Feel free to call us and ask to speak to your therapist.

Your therapist can discuss with you why your pain is bothering you again and what you might do about it at home. If further assessment is warranted, your therapist might recommend you come in for an appointment.

PAT I ENT SUCCESS SPOTL IGHT ! “I can now run, walk, play, garden, and perform activities at home or away.” “I am a living, walking testimony! AHPC’s physical therapy has done wonders for me. After having bilateral hip surgery (replacement) and months of physical therapy, I can now run, walk, play, garden, and perform activities at home or away. There is no limit!” - Alma S.

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