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by Liz

As the youngest survivors of the Holocaust enter their 90s, we are slowly losing our last firsthand links to one of history’s largest tragedies. Given that hearing personal accounts is among the most touching and impactful ways to experience history, there’s never been a more urgent time to listen to people talk about their experience. Recently, I had the great privilege to hear one such survivor, Eva Schloss, share her story. Eva Schloss was born in Vienna in 1929. By the time Eva was 11, she lived in Amsterdam on the same block as Anne Frank. The two girls became friends, but they were separated when both families went into hiding in an attempt to avoid the threat of the Nazis. After being betrayed by a supposed ally, the Schlosses were outed as Jews and transported to Auschwitz. While Eva’s father and brother did not survive, she and her mother were released when Auschwitz was liberated in 1945. The Schlosses returned to Amsterdam, where they reconnected with Otto Frank, Anne’s father. He too had lost his family and had recently come across his daughter’s diary,

which would go on to become one of the major testaments to the horrors of the Holocaust. Eventually, Eva’s mother and Otto went on to marry, making Eva Anne’s posthumous stepsister. For a long time, Eva did not feel comfortable discussing her experience. Until the 1980s, she struggled to find the voice and words to express what happened to her. Since then, though, Eva’s been unstoppable. In an age of alarmingly little Holocaust awareness — the Washington Post reported last year that 22% of millennials “haven’t heard of the Holocaust or are not sure whether they’ve heard of it” — her work is essential. One of our core values here is named for another hero, Eddie Aikau, a surfer who rescued over 500 people from drowning during his career as a lifeguard. We say, “We Go Where Eddie Would Go” as a way to express how we are passionate and determined in achieving our goals. In having the bravery to speak about the unspeakable, Eva Schloss goes where Eddie would. For that and so much more, she’s an inspiration to us all.

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