Emergency Preparedness Are you prepared? Summer is synonymous with the onset of floods and hurricanes here along the Gulf Coast and our natural floodplains, so make sure you and your loved ones are ready for what may come. Here are a few tips to get started: ■ Purchase flood insurance. ■ Ensure home and neighborhood safety by purchasing 5/8” plywood for your windows, storing away outdoor items such as barbecue grills, patio furniture, trampolines and basketball goals and trimming weak or dead branches from your trees. ■ Have an emergency action plan in place to account for and ensure care of special population family members and friends, such as infants and children, the elderly, ill or injured residents and people with disabilities as well as pets and livestock. ■ Monitor and listen to local news stations and local authorities for information on weather and evacuations, if necessary. Heed warnings. ■ Keep your vehicle fuel tank at least half full during the season. Fill up before leaving town if evacuating. ■ Follow the Family Disaster Checklist to ensure you have all needs and wants packed and accounted for prior to evacuation. See pearlandtx.gov/residents/resources/ emergency-preparedness/general-information . ■ Ensure vehicle readiness at the start of th e season by checking fluid levels and tire pressure, as well as keeping on hand a roadside emergency kit, to include jumper cables, a jack, and a lug wrench. ■ Sign up for the City’s eAlerts on pearlandtx.gov to stay up to date with emergency information.

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