All School Handbook 2022-2023

we ask that it be vegetarian and cold. Hot foods transfer kosher and non-kosher status according to Jewish law and are thus problematic. 3) No Lunch Sharing. For reasons of personal levels of kashrut observance, as well as allergies, no child is permitted to share their lunch with another. 4) Beware of By-Products - Potential Sources of Meat. Some products contain meat by-products that are also unacceptable at school. Some of these are mono and di-glycerides, such as propylene glycol, stearates, and several artificial and “natural” flavorings, which are used in common foods. Potato chips are often flavored with such by-products, as well as chicken, beef, and pork fats. 5) Parents providing lunch or snacks for their child from home must follow Kashrut laws and understand that the school is not responsible for its nutritional value or for meeting the child’s daily food needs. Kosher Symbols We recommend that you look for foods marked by symbols ( hechshers ) that certify the kashrut of the product. Examples of kosher symbols are:

Shared or Distributed Foods With regard to: a) Birthday Parties b) Pre-School Snacks

c) Gifts of Food and Candy d) Any other time food is shared

Such food brought to school for distribution to students other than your own child must absolutely be certified as kosher. Furthermore, any food for birthday parties in the Lower and Middle School must be exclusively PAREVE, or certified kosher with no meat or dairy. In-School Celebrations Early Childhood Each child’s birthday is celebrated in the classroom with classmates. Children participate in the measuring, stirring and baking of a special cake for your child. In keeping with our policies of inclusion, all snacks brought in for birthday parties must adhere to the Early Childhood’s Kashrut and NUT-FREE policy. Please also check with your teachers about any allergies of other children in the class. All food served to a class/grade of students must have a hechsher (kosher certification). Food may be prepared on campus with prior approval but may not be prepared at home. All food must be nut/peanut-free. Lower School (K-4) Parents planning in-class parties must include all classmates and prior arrangements with the classroom teacher are required. Students should not miss class to attend the party of a brother or sister. Middle School (5-8) Birthday snacks are arranged with the Advisor. If snacks are served during middle school lunch, the entire middle school must be served and advance notice must be given. Students should not miss class to attend the party of a brother or sister. Special Events Attendance for Siblings Siblings may attend the in-school Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration and the FIRST reading of the Torah in middle school.


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