All School Handbook 2022-2023

Illness or Emergency Absences Students with extended absences because of illness or an emergency will receive a grade of incomplete and given the opportunity to make up any work or exams needed to pass.

Late Work Upon returning from an absence of one or more days, students are permitted one day for each excused day to complete all missed assignments and tests. Students are to take missed quizzes and/or tests on the first appropriate day after returning from an absence. Physical Education Physical education is an important part of a child’s instructional day as well as an instrumental component of a child’s physical and social development. - If a child is unable to participate in physical education, a parent note is required. - Frequent or long-term non-participation may warrant a physician’s note. - All Middle School students must change into the official physical education uniform. Plagiarism / Cheating It is expected that all students are responsible for completion of their own work. Students guilty of plagiarism or cheating will receive a zero for any assignment, whether a test, quiz or homework. Private Tutors Before the school recommends private tutoring, certain procedures are followed: - Faculty members make recommendations and suggestions in consultation with the Principal. - Conferences are conducted to properly inform parents on the student’s academic progress. - All recommendations and arrangements are made by the Dean of Learning Support and the Principal. - During an agreed time between the Dean of Learning Support, Principal and Private Tutor, it may be acceptable for tutors to come on campus and work with students during the school day. Student Progress Student progress is monitored through Parent/Teacher conferences, written progress reports and the parent portal (Schoology). - Students in Seventh and Eighth grades who do not pass a subject must attend a summer program in that subject area. - Students in Seventh and Eighth grades who do not pass two or more subjects may not be promoted to the next grade level and may not be invited to return for the following academic year. - Eighth graders not passing any single core subject will not receive a diploma until successful completion of the course. Tests/Projects - Middle School students may have no more than two tests, quizzes or projects scheduled on the same day. - Tests, quizzes and projects are posted on the Test/Project Calendar, in the student planner and on Schoology. All teachers are available for their students before and/or after school at set times for additional help and tutoring. Such situations will occur when a student has been ill, failed to understand a particular concept introduced in class, or needs occasional one-to-one attention. - After-school tutoring is an extension of the classroom and the responsibility of teachers. There is no monetary reimbursement. Tutorial Assistance -


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