All School Handbook 2022-2023

- A student who is absent for three class periods during a school day may not participate in extracurricular activities after school (game, practice, or any other activity) on that same day. (Services count as one period.) Academic Probation - A student in grades 5-8 is placed on academic probation if she/he holds a 69 average or lower in two core classes. - Academic probation affects the following: Participation in ANY extracurricular activity including, but not limited to Student Congress, Student Ambassadors, NJHS, Show Choir, Café Book, Art club, school athletic teams, field trips, or grade level trips. FIELD / CLASS TRIPS Field trips are an important extension of classroom learning. A student is expected to conduct him/herself in a manner that will bring only credit to Levine Academy. - K – 8 students wear dress uniform unless otherwise specified. Kippot for boys are included as part of the dress code. - Students will travel for field trips by bus or parent drivers. Chaperones and Field Trip Driver Guidelines - Parents are assigned a specific group of children and are expected to supervise these students and assist the teachers in all regards. - Siblings may not attend field trips. - No adult guests are permitted without prior approval from the school. - Unauthorized stops before or after the designated destination are not allowed. - Students must wear seat belts or use car seats as required by law. - Consumption of alcoholic beverages, use of tobacco products, and the use of profane language are strictly forbidden. - Parents are asked not to provide extra snacks, treats, or souvenirs. - Cell phone usage is allowed only in the case of an emergency. - The school considers athletic games off campus a type of field trip. Accordingly, all field trip guidelines apply to such travel. LIBRARY The librarian works with students to ensure they are capable of using a variety of selection skills in choosing their library books. Students are encouraged to select items they will find interesting, useful, enjoyable, relaxing, or challenging to read. They are rarely dissuaded from checking out a book that they have chosen. If a parent feels that a particular selection does not meet the child’s reading interest or needs, the child may make an additional selection or return the item and make a different selection. Contact the librarian for a complete copy of the library policy. Lower School Library Students visit the library once a week for library instruction. Curriculum includes library skills lessons, read aloud, and book checkout. Middle School Library Students are encouraged to come into the library throughout the school day to explore a topic for research, find the answer to a question, for recreational reading, or for a quiet place to do homework. - Middle School students attend scheduled Library Literacy sessions, which include lessons in non- fiction, reference, the online catalog, poetry, and Internet literacy. - Research skills are taught in collaboration with classroom teachers.

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