All School Handbook 2022-2023

Semester 2 – 2


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Overdue/Lost/Damaged Materials - Students with overdue books will have circulation privileges suspended and transcripts and/or report cards withheld at the end of the year until the records are reconciled. - No fines or overdue books are assessed; however, if an item is more than 30 days overdue, it is considered lost, and the replacement cost is assessed. The Levine Academy libraries can no longer accept used books. The desire to help the libraries grow is greatly appreciated, but in order to stay current, all acquisitions are made by the librarians, in accordance with the Library Collection Development Policy. - The Collection Development Policy is accessible upon request. - Before purchasing new books for the libraries, please check with the Library Director, as the library may already own one or more copies. Book Donations - The Library Book Club is an opportunity to celebrate a child’s birthday and help build the collection of books in the Levine Academy libraries. A special bookplate bearing the child’s name is placed in a new library book and presented near their birthday. Order forms are available through the school librarian. SCHOOL COUNSELORS Through a partnership with Jewish Family Service, Levine Academy counselors work closely with school personnel and parents to assess student needs (social/emotional/academic) and make recommendations for intervention. Faculty or parents may refer students, or students may request to see the counselor themselves. The following services are provided to the school: - Assess the behavior of a child referred by observing classrooms, recess, and lunch, and then making recommendations. - Assist teachers, parents, and administrators with academic, behavioral, social/emotional, or family issues. - Provide crisis intervention and limited individual counseling to students, one-two sessions. - Provide group intervention when appropriate on topics such as peer relationships, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. - Offer consultation to parents. When indicated, referrals are made to community agencies, private mental health professionals, and/or rabbis for additional assistance. Birthday Book Club - Confidentiality and Student Records All personal information about students is kept in strictest confidence. Information regarding a student is released only with written consent from the parent or guardian. TELEPHONE USE Students may not use school phones or cell phones to call parents unless given special permission. - Students who bring cell phones to school must keep them turned off and in lockers during the entire school day. - Cell phones may be used outside of the building after dismissal.


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