All School Handbook 2022-2023


LEVINE ACADEMY PARENT ASSOCIATION’S MISSION, VISION, AND CORE VALUES STATEMENT Mission Statement The Ann and Nate Levine Academy Parent Association builds, sustains and works together as an inclusive and supportive parent community. The Parent Association creates effective partnerships throughout the School to achieve the best possible educations and communal experience for the students. Vision Statement We envision building and leading a model school community where all students have ample support and means to achieve academically, think critically, grow spiritually, act compassionately and live responsibly. Core Values Inclusivity: We recognize that the entire Ann and Nate Levine Academy community, with its Jewish pluralism, economic and ethnic diversity, is enriched by the variety of abilities, resources, and experiences that each parent brings to the school. We welcome the newcomers and reach out to existing families. Collaboration: We, the parents of Levine Academy students, are partners with the school to support the growth and development of the entire Levine community. It is the mission of the Parent Association to work together as an inclusive community for the benefit of student success and advancement. Commitment: We are committed to promoting our children’s total health, well-being, development and academic success through strong partnerships with the school, parent, family and community involvement. Morality: We support and demonstrate the Middot (values) of the Ethical Covenant of Levine Academy, consisting of: Caring, Citizenship, Holiness, Responsibility, Justice, Respect, Integrity. Jewish Law and Tradition: We believe that the proper understanding and expression of Jewish law and tradition enriches Jewish life, binds us with our past, lays a strong foundation for our future, and can help us to make the world a better place. PA Volunteer Committee Opportunities The PA always needs help at school programs and events throughout the community. Please consider sharing your time on an as-needed basis. Look for opportunities communicated in the School’s weekly e-News! First Friends Helps new families adjust to our school and to life at Levine and ensure they feel welcome throughout the year. Notably, they work with administration to assign new families with existing Levine families prior to the start of the school year and oversee that these "first friends" are in continuing, productive contact.



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