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Getting Together on Mother’s Day

F or many of us, from the time we’re born and well into our adult lives, our moms are there giving us support and offering encouragement every step of the way. Mother’s Day gives all of us a chance to thank our mothers for everything they’ve done for us and to reflect on just how much they’ve influenced the people we are today. My mom has been an inspiration to her whole family: myself, my siblings, all our kids, and all the grandkids, too. She’s always been a fount of unconditional love and encouragement, and she taught me a lot about what it really means to have a work ethic. For me and my brothers, she was also very forgiving — the three of us were always getting into some kind of shenanigans. As kids, my brothers and I always tried to celebrate Mother’s Day by doing something nice for our mom. We’d make it a point to give her flowers or make her a card every year, and our dad made sure we

What my mom likes most about Mother’s Day, though, is just having everyone together. She’s always been someone who likes to have people over, and usually for this holiday, a lot of people head over to visit her. The family usually goes down to my mom’s to spend the day with her, take her out to lunch, or just relax and catch up. All of us are really looking forward to spending time with her because none of us have had the chance to see her these past few months. She’ll be 89 this year, and with everything that’s happened, it’ll be good to get out of being barricaded in for so long and celebrate Mother’s Day together. When my wife became a mother for the first time, it was a life- changing experience for both of us. Having kids is a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of work. Watching my wife step into the role of mother was inspiring. The two of us have a lot of great memories of the kids growing up and some fun Mother’s Day celebrations. One year, our kids made her cookies, and all I did was supervise to make sure they used the oven correctly. While the cookies weren’t made from scratch, my wife still really enjoyed them. Whatever your plans are for this Mother’s Day, I hope that they are enjoyable. Happy Mother’s Day! -Dr. Steven Schulte


got it to her on time. I remember one year, one of my brothers and I made a really big card for her out of big sheets of paper. We had to go down to a local craft store to pick out the paper we used, and we decorated it as much as we could.

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