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clude the seven-foot Darko and Soa Amin, a 400-pound Sudanese wrestler ready to throw all his weight against any opponent daring to step into the ring against him. Special guest referee that night is a name infamous on Parliament Hill: Senator Patrick Brazeau. Nicholson smiles and chuckles as he observes that having Brazeau on board for the evening has resulted in lots of demands from the mainstream media in Ottawa for interviews prior to the upcoming bout. Some of the antics of the notorious senator have been anything but helpful to the incumbent Conservative government. Looking past this month’s return to the Ottawa circuit with his GNW stable of ath- letes and entertainers, Nicholson has ano- ther reason to be happy this year. He is one of hundreds of professional wrestlers applying for a select number of openings for a new reality T.V. show, Tough Enough, due to debut on the USA Network later in the year. Nicholson is optimistic about his chances of nailing one of the competitor slots on the show because of reaction to his demo video on the WWE’s YouTube link. “In one week, I had 80,000 hits,” Nichol- son said. “So I think I have a fairly good shot. I think if the fans have any say, my chances are good.” More details and updates onNicholson’s efforts to break the reality T.V. screen and on the GNW are available at http://great-


DevonNicholson and his crew of wrestlers from Prescott-Russell and parts beyond are back in the squared circle in Ottawa. Great NorthWrestling (GNW) is in town the end of May at the Earl Armstrong Arena with a headliner from the major leagues on themarquee. During the height of his career with theWorldWrestling Federation (WWF), Brutus Beefcake was a bad man’s bad man with a penchant for bad haircuts. Not for himself, but the wrestlers he fought and beat. Brutus is not called “The Barber” for nothing, and he still packs a set of barber’s shears to take a big trophy lock of hair from anyone caught in his trademark “sleeper hold”. “I’ve actually wrestled with him in the past,” said Nicholson, who still sports all of his own hair. “So I know him. He’s legit. He is Hulk Hogan’s best friend and a former tag-team partner with Hogan.” That past link, as opponents inside the ring and friends on the outside, is why The Barber is coming to Ottawa this month as part of his buddy, and wrestling promoter’s, triumphant return to the Ottawa show cir- cuit. Beefcake appeared on the GNW card back in 2008 and was well received. Ottawa is also a regular stopping place for World Wrestling Entertainment (the former WWF) and other big-league wrestlemania groups, so Nicholson expects at least a good-sized

They are the HartThrobs, «Stunning» Steven Levac and «Fabulous» Jacques Lamoureux, with their manager, Asana. Together, this Hawkesbury duo will put their hearts, and their hair, on the line as they go against the infamous Brutus «The Barber» Beefcake and his tag-teampartner of the evening in themain ring for wrestling night in Ottawa at the end of May.

crowd at the 2000-seat Armstrong Arena, iIncluding a large fan contingent fromPres- cott-Russell because squaring off against The Barber, and his local tag-team partner, will be Hawkesbury’s own wrestling duo,

the Hart Throbs, featuring the charismatic and cunning “Stunning” Steven Levac and his martial arts master partner, “Fabulous” Jacques Lamoureux. Other names on the card that night in-

3 DATES! Jeudi 28 mai 10h à 16h Vendredi 29 mai 10h à 19h Samedi 30 mai 9h à 14h



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