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ON THE MOVE HEROPLEX ANNOUNCES APPOINTMENT OF A NEW MEMBER TO ITS ADVISORY BOARD HeroPlex, a charitable organization with a mission of healing environments for wounded military soldiers, today announces a partnership with Bancroft Architects & Engineers , and the addition of Dennis Mika to the Advisory Board. Dennis is the Director of Healthcare Design at Bancroft. “The addition of Dennis completes the necessary foundation of talent needed to create our world class team,” states Executive Director Joel Berrettini. Paul Jenkins, CEO, Bancroft Architects and Engineers said, “Bancroft was founded by disabled Veterans dedicated to improving

the lives of Veterans. Our commitment to doing charitable work has been unwavering in the 20 years since we started, and we are proud of the designs we are providing to the HeroPlex Foundation, a charity that shares our commitment to Veterans.” Dennis Mika, a nationally renowned architect, brings more than 35 years of experience designing hospitals throughout the nation to Veteran owned Bancroft Architects and Engineers. He specializes in creating innovative healthcare spaces that provide world-class, patient-centered care. His most significant projects include Northwest Community Hospital ‘s New Patient Pavilion, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Prentice Women’s Hospital, and Sherman Hospital’s John Graham

Ambulatory Care Center. A native of Aurora, IL graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Architecture. He is Evidence- based Design Accredited and Certified and a member of the AIA. His projects have received national recognition and won numerous industry awards. Joel Berrettini, Executive Director, HeroPlex Foundation has done significant charitable work with the Gary Sinise Foundation. It was this experience that launched his vision to partner with an inexorable Board of Directors The HeroPlex Foundation is a 501(c)3 that gets 100% of its funding through private and corporate donations to assist in fulfilling their mission.

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that because we pay attention. Even mega-projects benefit from a local, skilled consultant’s keen familiarity with a project area and its key stakeholders. During this disruption, we are staying engaged in local conversations through the help of our staff and business colleagues using modified, and often cutting edge, communication strategies. ❚ ❚ Being responsive and responsible. We recognize that we are part of a construction ecosystem that provides jobs and drives the economy. We help utility companies deliver water, electricity, and energy needed to keep people healthy and warm. That same infrastructure also keeps businesses humming. We cannot stand still and wait for the urgency to fade. We must be responsive in the face of the existing challenges. Responsiveness may mean altering our delivery method, adjusting our timeline, or meeting with stakeholders in a nontraditional format. It may also mean talking through alternative business development strategies with colleagues or doing some heavy lifting for a project partner who has been stressed by the current crisis. We appreciate the value of collaboration over competition more than ever right now. We also recognize that we have an obligation to our staff as well. They are the cogs of the wheel that propel our business forward. So, we are steadfast in our commitment to keeping our staff employed and working productively in this volatile business environment. Our current and future clients will likewise benefit from this commitment as the economy regains momentum. ❚ ❚ Demonstrating leadership. As John F. Kennedy said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” We are influencers on many levels. We are company owners, community business members, and citizens. We recognize that the consequences of this pandemic will be long and deep, affecting the emotional, social, and economic well-being of our communities for years to come. But we are keeping our spirits up. Levity and self-deprecating humor are finding their way into our conversations with increasing frequency. We are leading by example to instill a sense of confidence and optimism in these most desperate times because we know this, too, shall pass. In the meantime, we wish all of you the best of health, safety, and financial security as we push through this difficult challenge together. We got this. And so do you. LYNN DIGIOVANNI is business development coordinator at Luchs Consulting Engineers/DeCarlo & Doll Architects. Contact her at

and resourceful. We are adapting to the “new normal” by drawing upon our strengths and company values. ❚ ❚ Prioritizing people, not business. People are at the heart of everything we do. It is our relationships with those people that influence our success – whether it be our employees, our clients, or the various stakeholders we serve. Our priority is to keep them safe and thriving. For example, we are committed to accommodating remote work arrangements, maintaining full salaries, practicing effective social distancing, and supporting local businesses during these difficult times. At the end of the day, we need to do what we believe is right; our hope is that business will follow. “These are unprecedented times. But we are prepared. Over seven decades in business has taught us to expect the unexpected. We are agile and resourceful. We are adapting to the ‘new normal’ by drawing upon our strengths and company values.” ❚ ❚ Communicating. Communication is critical, even more so during this time of rapid change. Our eyes and ears are open to the needs of our employees, our colleagues, and our clients. We are listening and reading between the lines. Conscious of social distancing, we have replaced in-person meetings with phone calls, emails, and video conferencing. The collaboration has not stopped. We are utilizing interactive 3D technology to remotely engage team members and stakeholders to keep the design process going so construction projects can continue safely and seamlessly. ❚ ❚ Capitalizing on our assets. Being small and local is proving to be a tremendous advantage during these trying times. Our staff lives, works, and plays in Connecticut’s neighborhoods, so we are invested in the outcome of the work we do. We know what keeps our clients up at night – we work hard to preemptively eliminate their concerns and anxieties. We know that each community we work in has its own personality and preferred way of doing business. We know

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