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Surrey Registration Service BEREAVEMENT GUIDE




We are a long-established independent Funeral Directors and Memorial Masons providing a high level of professional expertise, care and compassion in your time of need. For funerals large or small, we can advise and assist in the organisation of the service for either cremation or burial to best meet the wishes of the family and loved ones.


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Our Green Funerals strive to provide the most environmentally friendly funeral service possible within a natural burial ground and utilising our own fully electric hearse.

This service is available through our various office locations, please see our website for more details.


Bereavement Guide

Introduction When someone dies, there are many decisions and arrangements to be made. Unfortunately, these decisions and arrangements are required at a time of great personal distress and sadness. Coping with bereavement is something that we will all experience at some point in our lives. Different people react in very different ways and it is common to feel a whole variety of emotions, which can be unnerving and at times overwhelming. Nothing can really prepare you for when you lose someone close to you and it is important to remember that you should allow yourself time to react to grief in the way that is best for you. The Surrey Registration Service realises the difficulties you face at this time and we endeavour to provide a sympathetic, helpful and considerate service to you. The following pages are intended to offer you help and guidance about some of the things that you need to do from the moment a bereavement occurs, as well as providing details of groups and contacts that may assist you over the next few days and weeks. Please note that the information included on these pages give general guidance only and should not be treated as a complete and authoritative statement of the law. This publication will be in use from 2024 and the information included was correct at the time of printing.

Contents Probate, property and



What to do after you have registered the death - Registration Documents - Certificates


Tell us once


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Organising the Funeral


Children’s Funeral Fund for England 6

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Bereavement Guide

Probate, property and possessions

For more information or assistance, the HMRC Probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline number is 0300 123 1072. Additional information can be found by visiting the Wills, probate and inheritance information at If you have any difficulty in dealing with the deceased’s estate or guardianship of their children, you should get advice from a solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau as soon as possible. You may already have a solicitor your family uses. If not, ask friends and family if they can recommend one. When you contact them, remember to ask about their fees and charges. What to do after you have registered the death

can pay for certificates by debit/credit card.

You will need these certificates to deal with the deceased’s finances. For example, banks and insurance companies will probably need a death certificate to allow you to close and access accounts and funds. Most organisations will ask you to send an original certificate to them and will not accept a photocopy. Please note that you must request that the certificate is returned to you after they have processed it, otherwise it may be destroyed. Please also see page 7. If you later decide that you need additional copies of the death certificate, you can purchase more at death-and-ceremonies. If you discover an error on the certificates: A death registration is a legal document and therefore it is important that it is accurate. During the registration the Registrar will have clearly read back the information you have provided. Errors discovered after registration may have to be corrected. This could cause delays to funeral arrangements and processing of the deceased’s estate. There will be a statutory fee of £75 – £90 for all correction considerations. In addition to the correction fee, you will be charged for certificates. Please contact Surrey Registration Service on 0300 200 1002 or Textphone (via Text Relay): 18001 0300 200 1002 if you have any correction enquiries.

When someone dies, somebody must organise their estate. This person is known as the personal representative (also known as the executor if they are named as such in the will). It is important to find out if the deceased left a will, and if so, who the executor is. The will says what should happen to the deceased’s money, property and possessions (known as the estate). The personal representative is responsible for paying all the deceased’s debts, taxes and expenses. They make the payments from the estate, not from their own income or savings. Only when these duties are finished, can the personal representative share out to the people entitled to it, the rest of the estate. Please note: if a person has power of attorney for someone, this ends at the time of death. If you are the personal representative, you may have to apply for probate. The Probate office will give you a “Grant of Probate” if the deceased left a will, or grant “Letters of Administration” if there is no will. You can download the forms with notes and guidance on what you need to do from the inheritance tax and probate process section of the HM Revenues and Customs website, uk/wills-probate-inheritance. You can now access Probate Records to obtain a copy Will or Grant at search-will-probate. Winchester is the nearest District Probate Registry to Surrey. It is open to the public from Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 4:00pm with appointments offered between 10:00am and 3:30pm, depending on demand. Other offices can be found by using a search browser. The Winchester District Probate Office is located at: 1 st Floor Southside Offices The Law Courts

Registration documents

Once you have completed the registration, the Registrar will:

• Issue a green form (called a form 9) to arrange the funeral (unless the coroner has already issued one). • Report the deceased’s death to the Council Tax Office. Certificates You will also be able to purchase any number of death certificates from the Registrar. You

Winchester Hampshire SO23 9EL Tel: 01962 814100

Web: www.courttribunalfinder.service. registry


Bereavement Guide

Tell us once The Surrey Registration Service and local authorities across Surrey offer this free, national service which we hope will make things easier for you. Tell Us Once allows you to tell multiple government agencies about a death, all at once. At your death registration appointment, the registrar will give you a unique reference number, allowing you to notify organisations that participate in the service. Your unique reference number will only be valid for a limited time. Please refer to the Tell Us Once document issued by the Registrar. You can notify organisations either in one phone call or by visiting after-a-death/organisations-you-need-to- contact-and-tell-us-once The Tell Us Once service is determined by the usual address of the deceased. Not all local borough or district councils offer Tell Us Once.

• Collection of payments for Council Services • Electoral Services

Letting organisations know When you manage the affairs of someone who has died, you will need to correspond with a lot of organisations. People have different circumstances and the organisations you need to contact will vary. We have listed some of the main organisations you may need to contact. But please remember, if you have used the Tell Us Once service you will have already notified some of the following departments – in these cases, you do not need to contact them again yourself. It is very useful to have information about the person that has died available when contacting any company or association. This will make the task of completing any forms or documents much easier. Details of the deceased that will be most useful to know include: • Date and place of birth • Date and place of death • Spouse / Civil Partner’s full name, date of birth and occupation • Date of marriage or civil partnership (if appropriate) • National Insurance Number • NHS Number • Child Benefit Number (if appropriate) • Tax Reference Number (if appropriate) Pensions / Benefits / Tax Credits • Contact the Department of Work and Pensions to ensure any state pension payments are stopped. You can telephone them on 0800 731 0469 or visit • Contact the deceased’s employer or current occupational pension provider as they will advise if the deceased’s occupational pension can be passed to another family member or surviving civil partner. • Contact the deceased’s personal pension provider, if a policy was in place. • Contact a Jobcentre Plus or Social Security Office if benefit was in payment, for example, Universal Credit, Child Benefit, Attendance Allowance. (Please telephone 0800 169 0310 for advice, or visit • Contact Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, if tax credits were in payment (Working Tax or Child Tax Credits). You can telephone 0345 300 3900 or visit

Identity and Passport Service • Passport Cancellation

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency • Driving Licence Cancellation

Department for Work and Pensions • Pension, Disability and Carers Service • Jobcentre Plus • Overseas Health Team Ministry of Defence, Service Personnel and Veterans Agency • War Pensions Scheme

HM Revenue and Customs • Child Benefit

• Universal Credit • Personal Taxation

After you have completed the second part of the Tell Us Once Service, the departments that you have notified may contact you separately to confirm that the relevant processing has been completed. If you have not heard from a department within 28 days, you may contact the Tell Us Once telephone service who will follow it up on your behalf. Due to the secure nature in which your information is treated, the register office will not be informed of any correspondence between you and the department – it is a one-way process. We are unable to contact them for you. All the information you give is treated securely. The organisations that you notify will use it to update their records, but only as the law allows.

Organisations that currently participate in the Tell Use Once Service include:

Local Councils • Housing Benefit Office • Council Tax Payments and Benefits Office • Council Housing • Libraries • Blue Badges • Adult Services • Children’s Services


Bereavement Guide

Organising the Funeral

Children’s Funeral Fund for England

when you ask and will not increase any costs quoted to you without your permission.

National Association of Funeral Directors Tel: 0121 711 1343 National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors Tel: 0345 230 6777 Arranging the funeral yourself If it is preferred, the entire funeral can be handled by the bereaved family. Such a funeral is sometimes called a ‘personalised’, ‘independent’ or ‘family only’ funeral. There are various steps to take after you lose a loved one, see what to do after someone dies on for guidance. Council cemeteries and crematoriums in Surrey are run by the district and borough councils. They may also be able to give you advice on alternative funeral arrangements or you may also find the Good Funeral Guide website useful when planning a funeral. Paying for a funeral If you are on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you are arranging, you may be able to get a funeral payment. How much you get depends on your circumstances and if you qualify. Please visit the website.

Funerals can be expensive so remember to check where the money to pay for the costs will come from before making any arrangements.The deceased may have a pre- paid funeral plan. However, if the deceased does not have enough money in their estate to cover the cost of the arrangements, the person who organises the funeral will have to pay. If you are the one paying for the funeral and already getting certain social security benefits, you may also be able to get a payment from the Social Fund to help with the costs (please telephone the Jobcentre Plus Helpline on 0800 055 6688 for advice, visit the death and bereavement section of Friends, family, clergy or your doctor may be able to suggest local funeral directors with a good reputation for you to use. If not, most local firms are listed online. Remember, their charges can vary considerably, and you may want to contact or visit more than one firm. Most funeral directors choose to join one of two trade associations, but funeral directors do not have to be regulated to provide a service, so you may wish to check this first. Both trade associations have codes of practice and funeral directors who are members must provide you with a price list

The Children’s Funeral Fund for England (CFF) was implemented on 23 rd July 2019. Under the CFF arrangements, the fees charged for the cremation or burial of a child under the age of 18 or a still-born child will be free to parents at the point of need and will be claimed by burial and cremation authorities directly from the CFF. The scheme will also cover the price of a coffin, shroud or casket up to £300 as well as some funeral expenses. These expenses will be claimed by the funeral director but can also be claimed by the bereaved family where they choose not to use the services of a funeral director.

For further information, please go to: Email: Freephone: 0808 196 1759


Bereavement Guide

Other services to consider Health services • Tell the deceased’s doctor and any other health service provider they may have used, such as local hospital, dentist and chiropodist. • Return any equipment the deceased may have borrowed from a hospital, clinic or Social Services. • Cancel any services received from Social Services, such as meals-on- wheels, transport or care assistants. Money There are several financial organisations that may need to be informed. These organisations will request to see a copy of the death certificate and include: • The Inland Revenue as there may be an income tax refund due visit www. or call 0300 123 1072. • Banks, Building Societies, credit card

• Tell the deceased’s gas, electric, water and telephone provider. • Cancel any deliveries of heating oil. • Inform the insurance company that provides the household insurance. • Update HM Land Registry information if the deceased was a joint or sole owner of a property by visiting someone-dies. Transport and Travel • Tell the car insurance company. Please note that anyone who is a named driver on the deceased’s car insurance will no longer be insured to drive the vehicle. • Return the deceased’s driving licence to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) – please see the Death and Bereavement section on or call 0300 083 0090 for further details of what you need to do. • Return the deceased’s car registration documents to the DVLA to allow the change of ownership to be recorded. • Return any Surrey free bus pass to Surrey County Council. For further information please email or call 0300 200 1002. • Cancel or return any travel passes or season tickets. Claim any refunds due. • Return the deceased’s passport to the Identity and Passport Service – please cut off the top right-hand corner of the passport’s front cover to invalidate it. You need to complete an additional form when returning the document – please call the Passport Adviceline on 0300 222 0000 for a copy or visit the passport section of • Return any disabled parking permit to Surrey County Council. Please call 0300 200 1003 for more information or visit the website uk/roadsandtransport. Personal Items • Return any library books and cancel membership – Surrey Libraries can be contacted on 0300 200 1001 or via • Send back any membership cards to clubs or associations and claim any refunds that may be due.

• The HM Revenues and Customs Deceased Estates Helpline is 0300 123 1072 or you can visit to get advice and information on all tax matters relating to an estate. Houses and Household bills • Ask the Post Office to redirect the deceased’s mail or you can register yourself online by visiting • Use the Bereavement Register to stop unwanted junk mail or direct mailings arriving at the deceased’s home address – call 020 7089 6403 or visit to apply for this service. • The Registration Service will notify the Council Tax Department of a person’s death. However, you may wish to contact them directly to discuss any outstanding monies owed, refunds or reductions in Council Tax Charges. • Depending on the deceased’s circumstances, you may need to speak to a council housing department, housing association, mortgage company or private landlord.

companies, insurers, Post Office savings, premium bonds, stocks and shares.


Bereavement Guide

Checklist Below is a checklist of useful organisations that you may need to contact. You must close accounts, cancel or change insurance details, subscriptions, agreements, payments or direct debits. It is useful to have reference numbers, date of birth/ death and address information about the deceased when you contact any company or association. If you have used the ‘Tell Us Once’ Service, some of the following will already have been done for you and you will not need to contact them again. What to do first • Notify the family doctor • Find the Will – the deceased person’s solicitor may have a copy • Begin funeral arrangements – remember to check the Will for any special requests If there is a will • Contact the executor (usually nominated in the Will to sort out the deceased’s estate) – to enable them to start the process of obtaining probate If there is no will • Decide who will apply to sort out the deceased’s estate • Contact the Probate Registry to apply for ‘letters of administration’ Who else to contact • Employer • School • Solicitor/accountant • HM Passport Office – to cancel passport • DVLA – to cancel driving licence and to return car registration documents if a change of ownership becomes necessary Government and Local Council departments • State Pension • Universal Credit • Council or Social Housing • Housing Benefit • Council Tax • Council Tax Benefit • Attendance Allowance • Carer’s Allowance • Blue Badge Parking Permit • Personal Independent Payment • HM Land Registry • Child Benefit • Library Services • Electoral Services

• Adult Social Care (for example, if a specific care package was in place) • Children’s Social Care • Owed Payments To Council (eg. assisted bin collection, allotment fees, music tuition etc) • Bereavement Benefit Financial Organisations • General insurance companies – contents, car, travel, medical etc • If the deceased was first named on an insurance policy, make contact as early as possible to check that the insurance will continue • HM Revenues and Customs – personal taxation, national insurance etc • Rental, hire purchase or loan agreements • Personal Pension provider • Occupational Pension provider • Life insurance companies • Banks and building societies, post office savings • Premium Bonds, Stocks and Shares companies • Mortgage provider • Credit card providers/store cards Utilities and household contacts • Landlord or local authority if the deceased rented a property

• Any private organisation/agency providing home care • Utility companies • Royal Mail, if post needs re-directing • TV / Internet / Satellite / Cable companies Other considerations • Bereavement Register and Deceased Preference Service • Cancel memberships of clubs, trade unions, associations with seasonal membership • Cancel any local services, such as meals on wheels or transport • Return any travel passes / season tickets and claim any refund due • Return any Surrey free bus pass to Surrey County Council • Church / regular place of worship • Social groups to which the deceased belonged • Dentist and any other medical providers the deceased used eg. local hospital, chiropodist • Return any equipment the deceased may have borrowed from a hospital, clinic or social care services • Return any library books to the local library • Creditors – anyone to whom the deceased owed money • Debtors – anyone who owed the deceased money


Bereavement Guide

Benefits and financial help You may be able to claim certain benefits and one-off payments if you lived with or were dependent on the deceased. Time limits apply, so contact your nearest Jobcentre Plus office as soon as possible to find out. • Contact Jobcentre Plus • Check your current benefits and tax credits Making a new Will • Surviving relatives and friends of the deceased may need to make a new Will. It’s important to ask a solicitor about this. Bereavement – counselling and support • If you or someone you know needs counselling or support, ask your family doctor or contact an organisation such as Cruse Bereavement Care. Help and support for you When someone in your family dies, as well as distress, it can cause money problems. This may only be for a short time, while you wait for their estate to be distributed, or you may need long-term help.

State Pension Tele-claims – 0800 731 7898 Age UK Surrey – 01483 503 414 Cruse Bereavement Care

There are many types of assistance available, which depend entirely on your individual circumstances and will be subject to assessment prior to confirmation. These include: • Bereavement benefits (Bereavement payment, Widowed Parent’s Allowance, Bereavement Allowance) • Increased State Pension Payments • Univeral Credit • Tax Credits • Housing Benefit • Council Tax Benefit • Personal Independent Payment (PIP) • Carers Allowance • Age-related payments such as Winter Fuel Payment and Attendance Allowance • Social Fund payments • Support for dental treatment, prescription charges, eyesight tests and other NHS costs

Coping with bereavement

Bereavement will be the most distressing experience we will ever face. Grief is what we feel when somebody we are close to dies. Everyone experiences grief differently and there is no ‘normal’ or ‘right’ way to grieve. Cruse is a national charity that provides advice, information and support to anyone who has been bereaved (children, young people and adults), whenever or however the death occurred. The service is provided by trained experienced volunteers and is confidential and free. Cruse offers: • Someone to talk to one-to-one if preferred, face-to-face or on the telephone. • Groups – many bereaved people find it helpful to talk to others in similar circumstances. • Education and information about many aspects of bereavement using publications and other sources of help and support. • Face-to-face support for children and young people.

To find out if you are entitled to any of these payments and for further information, please contact your local Jobcentre Plus office or Citizens Advice office.

Detailed information can also be found in the benefits section of the website.

The Pensions Advisory Service 0800 011 3797 The National Careline 0800 0699 784

National Helpline: 0808 808 1677 Email: Cruse website: Cruse young people’s Helpline: 0808 808 1677 Website:


Bereavement Guide

Surrey County Council contacts • Telephone: 0300 200 1002 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays) • Email: • Textphone (via Text Relay): 18001 0300 200 1002 • SMS: 07860 053 465 • Minicom: 020 8541 9698 Library Service – 0300 200 1001 Adult social care – 0300 470 9100 Concessionary fares and bus passes – 0300 200 1002 Surrey Borough and District Councils Elmbridge Borough Council Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 9SD. Tel: 01372 474474

Surrey Heath Borough Council Surrey Heath House, Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3HD. Tel: 01276 707 100 Tandridge District Council Station Road East, Oxted, Surrey RH8 0BT. Tel: 01883 722 000 Waverley Borough Council The Burys, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HR. Tel: 01483 523 333 Woking Borough Council Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking, Surrey GU21 6YL. Tel: 01483 755 855

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5BY. Tel: 01372 732 000 Guildford Borough Council Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4BB. Tel: 01483 505 050 Mole Valley District Council Pippbrook, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1SJ. Tel: 01306 885 001 Reigate & Banstead Borough Council Reigate Town Hall, Castlefield Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 0SH. Tel: 01737 276 000 Runnymede Borough Council Runnymede Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey KT5 2AH. Tel: 01932 838 383 Spelthorne Borough Council Council Offices, Knowle Green, Staines upon Thames TW18 1XB. Tel: 01784 451 499

Surrey Jobcentre Plus Jobcentre Plus can be contacted on

0800 169 0190 or visit for more information on the services they provide.

Bereavement Guide 10

National contacts Age UK Surrey Rex House, William Road, Guildford,

National Association of Victim Support – South-East Region c/o Lewes Crown Court Centre, The Law Courts, High Street, Lewes BN7 1YB. Tel: 0808 1689111 National Death Centre – with listings of natural burial grounds Tel: 01962 712690 Citizens Advice Bureau Tel: 0344 411 1444 Roadpeace 3 rd Floor, 3Space International House, 6 Canterbury Crescent, Brixton,

Terence Higgins Trust Helpline Tel: 0808 802 1221

The War Widows Association of Great Britain 199 Borough High Street, London SE1 1AA. Tel: 0845 241 2189 WAY Widowed and Young – support for those widowed aged 50 or under. Suite 14, College Business Centre, Uttoxeter Road,

Surrey GU1 4QZ. Tel: 01483 503 414

The Compassionate Friends – Supporting bereaved parents and their families 14 New King’s Street, Deptford,

London SE8 3HS. Tel: 0345 123 2304

Derby DE22 3WZ. Tel: 01332 869222 Organ Donation Tel: 0300 123 2323.

The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (Cot Death Research and Support) 11 Belgrave Road, London SW1V 1RB. Tel: 0808 802 6868 Lasting Post – assistance for those who have been recently bereaved London Friend – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Bereavement Helpline 86 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9DN. Tel: 0300 330 0630 Miscarriage Association 17 Wentworth Terrace, Wakefield WF1 3QW. Tel: 01924 200 799

London SW9 7QD. Tel: 0845 450 0355

Organ donation in England now follows an ‘opt out’ system. You may also hear it referred to as ‘Max and Keira’s Law’. This means that all adults in England will be considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups.

Samaritans UK Support Line: 116 123

SSAFA Forces Help – Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association 4 St Dunstan’s Hill, London EC3R 8AD.

Tel: 0800 731 4880

You still have a choice if you want to be an organ donor or not when you die.

The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS) Victoria Charity Office, 11 Belgrave Road, London SW1V 1RB. Helpline: 0808 164 3332

CELEBRATION OF LIFE Situated in the heart of Farnham’s historic town centre, the Bush Hotel offers a warm welcome and a convenient gathering point for families from Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and further afield. Dating back to the fifteenth century, the Bush is steeped in history with original features and roaring fires but perfectly blended with contemporary design and modern comfort. With complimentary parking, a quiet garden and a wide range of menus and event spaces, the Bush prides itself on being a friendly family-owned hotel with a dedicated team that can take the stress out of any event.

The Bush Hotel, The Borough, Farnham, GU9 7NN 01252 715237 | |

Bereavement Guide 11

Situated within acres of woodland and picturesque surroundings, Stanhill Court Hotel provides the perfect setting where friends and family can come together. Located in the village of Charlwood, the manor house boasts a variety of function spaces including our stunning Orangery, overlooking the grounds and the Surrey countryside. Choose from a variety of buffet menus including Canapés and Afternoon Tea, we also have plenty of onsite parking for your guests. Leave all the details to us and our experienced Events team will be on hand to support you every step of the way. To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our Events Coordinator today. Stanhill Court Hotel, Stan Hill, Charlwood, Horley, Surrey RH6 0EP | | 01293 862166

For a celebration of life, the tranquil setting of Storyboard at Shepperton is an ideal venue for a bereavement reception. We offer a dedicated events space with its own private entrance, as well as a variety of rooms that can welcome arge or small gatherings, all with access to a fully licensed bar and outside terrace. The adjoining Holiday Inn London Shepperton hotel is avaiable to host overnight guests who may be travelling from further afield. For more information please contact our events team on Phone: 01932 899 988 Email: Web:

Storyboard at Shepperton, Felix Lane, Shepperton, TW17 8NP

Bereavement Guide 12


At The Jockey Club, we understand that the loss of a loved one can be a difficult time and that arranging a funeral reception or wake can be a daunting experience. Our venues, adorned with timeless elegance, create a peaceful backdrop where family and friends can gather to share memories and find solace. Our compassionate team is dedicated to understanding the delicate nature of these occasions, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience throughout. From adaptable spaces to thoughtful catering options, the Jockey Club Venues aims to create a tender atmosphere that honours the unique legacy of your loved one, making the celebration a peaceful and meaningful experience.

Please call or email us to discuss your options or arrange a viewing.


With a selection of private function rooms for up to 120, our caring and personal team understand the sympathetic nature of arranging a funeral reception and will be on hand to guide you. From recommending items for a buffet or afternoon tea, to advising on the private room setting, drinks or those special mementos, nothing is too much trouble.


The T: 0

The Talbot Hotel, High Street, Ripley, Woking, Surrey, GU23 6BB T: 01483 225188 W: W:

We provide a friendly, bespoke service in a welcoming setting, nestled within the heart of the Surrey Hills. From light bites and buffets to formal sit-down dinners, we have a variety of dining options to suit your wishes. Situated just 1 mile from Clandon Wood and 7 miles from Guildford Crematorium, Guildford Manor is in a prime location with excellent transport links to London and Gatwick. Whether you are looking for an intimate gathering or banquet for 120 guests, Guildford Manor Hotel and Spa can facilitate your every need and look forward to welcoming you.

Newlands Corner, Guildford, GU4 8SE E: | T: 01483222624

Bereavement Guide 14

Celebration of life events in beautiful surroundings

Giving you the support & compassion when you need it the most.

A stunning 400-acre estate in the heart of the Surrey countryside, there are plenty of spaces available for private hire. The team at Foxhills has many years experience in organising sensitive events, providing immpecable service and attention to detail to help you organise and coordinate the perfect farewell for your loved one.

Stonehill Road, Ottershaw, Surrey, KT16 0EL Tel: 01932 872050 | Email:

At your time of loss, you can depend on us. Set in 350-acres of peaceful surroundings, tranquillity and natural beauty awaits at Farleigh. The team at Farleigh has many years of experience in organising sensitive events; combining compassion with a professional, friendly service. During this difficult time, we will help organise and coordinate the perfect farewell for your loved one. Celebration of life events within a tranquil and natural setting

Old Farleigh Road, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9PE 01883 627 711 -

Bereavement Guide 15

Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa Nutfield Road, Nutfield, Redhill, Surrey RH1 4EL Tel: 01737 824400 Email: Web: The Nutfield Priory Hotel oers a selection of function spaces, from small and intimate in the Worth room or the beautiful oak panelled Gibson room with amazing countryside views to the Fielden Suite that can accommodate gatherings for larger groups, with a private bar and outdoor terrace for you and your guests. Your gathering can be tailored to be as formal or informal as you wish.

The quiet and tranquil setting makes for a suitable

location to hold a Bereavement Reception or Memorial.

Gorse Hill is located only 4 minutes away from the

Woking Crematorium and has numerous rooms suitable

for small or large receptions and a fully licensed bar

should you require it.

01483 747 444


Celebrate your loved one... With our experienced and caring events team on hand to assist you with every aspect of planning and arranging a memorable celebration of life to suit your specific wishes. The hotel is ideally situated just 10 minutes from Aldershot crematorium and 15 minutes from Guildford crematorium and offers you the space you need to be able to reflect and commemorate or remember and celebrate.


If you’re looking to celebrate the life of a lost loved one, our clubhouse, with views of the Surrey countryside, provides a peaceful venue to reminisce with friends and family. We have a choice of function rooms that can be prepared in your way from the cosy Rawlings Room to the expansive Dining Room. We can accommodate large or small gatherings with our experienced team here at Chipstead to ensure that you and your guests are cared for with respect and compassion.

Prices starting from £1 7 .95 per person

T: 01252 782345 E: Seale, Tongham, Farnham GU10 1EX HOTELS

WWW.CHIPSTEADGOLF.CO.UK T: 01737 555781 | E: Chipstead Golf Club, How Lane, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 3LN

Bereavement Guide 16


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Roseberys have been sympathetically and professionally helping clients in need of probate valuations for over 30 years all over the UK, specialising in London and the home counties.

Peter Greenway Head ofProfessional Services & Vciluations

Peter from our valuations department answers some frequently asked questions.

Why do you need a professional Probate valuation?

How long does it take to receive the report?

We understand the requirement for a speedy and uncomplicated process especially during this sensitive time; we are usually able to undertake a visit within a week from the first contact. The draft will be sent out within 10 days for you to revise. If there are no complications the final report can be sent out immediately.

As part of applying for probate, any executors or administrators need to find out if there is any inheritance tax to pay. This need will depend on the total value of the estate of the deceased person, i.e. the combined value of all money, property and possessions of the deceased. Most estates with a total value of at least £325,000 have to pay tax and, due to increasing house prices, more people are finding themselves being pushed into the inheritance tax bracket. Roseberys work together with both solicitors and private individuals handhng estates to provide a professional valuation of the contents of the home whether it be a one-bedroom flat or large family house. This is to ensure the estate receives a fair and accurate market value for assets such as antiques, paintings,jewellery, motor vehicles and general household goods. Probate valuations by someone without expert knowledge can result in over or under valuation, which can cause adclitional delays with the winding up of the estate and can impose unnecessary tax liabilities and possible penalties.

How much does the service cost?

Our fees are tailored depending on the type of service that you require and generally based on the length of time taken to conduct the valuation. The valuation process is conducted with your time and cost in mind. No two valuations are the same and we are flexible in meeting your needs. From a large house including a lifetime worth of collecting, to minimal flats with only a few prints, we are working with all clients to make them tax compliant.

What is the process of obtaining a valuation?

What areas do Roseberys cover?

For executors who are not familiar with a probate house contents valuation we always talk through the service to assess your needs and requirements and agree on the appropriate valuation format. After an initial chat, an appointment is made with one of our valuers to meet you at the property. This is an opportunity for the valuer to talk in more depth with you about any of the items that hold particular importance to you and answer any further questions you may have. The valuer will take photographs of each room and of individual items of value and will make the necessary notes. After the property visit, the valuer will spend time at the office researching and discussing key items with our team of specialists to ensure the most accurate and up to date valuations are provided together with a statement of the total value. What information will be received in the valuation document? Our valuations for IHT purposes are laid out as per the categories specified within the HRMC requirement, identifying all items with an individual value of £1,500 and above and providing a global figure for the remaining items. For the residual global figure we also provide a complimentary valuation for selling listing individually all the items that could be potentially sold in one of our auctions. Once the valuation is ready, we email a digital copy of the report to you to review and ensure you are happy that everything is in order. Once confirmed we then issue the final signed document.

Our valuers cover all areas from furniture and works of art, to jewellery, silver and paintings and if any items need further research our team of specialists including areas of Asian Art, Contemporary Art, Modern Design and Islamic Art will help to continue the investigation back at the office. This gives peace of mind that no heirlooms will be overlooked and we will produce a detailed report for HMRC.

Why contact Roseberys?

With over 30 years experience Roseberys has a proven track record of providing accurate, professional valuations of house contents, antiques and chattels which are prepared by experienced and knowledgeable valuers. Roseberys also works alongside trusted law firms as well as private executors and beneficiaries to give you the best support needed. Once the probate valuation has been completed, we are also happy to advise and help with the sale of goods through auction, clearance of remaining items in the property and even delivery of items that are to be kept by beneficiaries.

If you have any questions or wish to talk to one of our friendly members of the team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

+44 (0)20 8761 2522 I I 70-76 Knights Hill, London SE27 0JD

At the Foot of Box Hill, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6BX

01306 884561

Nestled at the foot of the beautiful Box Hill, our stunning 4-star hotel is the ideal location for a memorable celebration of life…

A venue steeped in history, Brooklands Museum provides a unique setting for family and friends to come together to celebrate their loved one. We have a variety of function rooms within the iconic Edwardian Clubhouse that can cater from 12 to 200 people. Bespoke packages can be created to suit your individual requirements, including afternoon teas, buets or private dining options. Our highly experienced hospitality team understand that planning such an event can be a dicult time and they will be on hand to guide you every step of the way. 01932 858005 • Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL

Please quote: The Surrey Bereavement Guide upon enquiry


LANGSHOTT MANOR **** A historic location for a dignified celebration of life


Please email our team at to enquire.

Gate Street is an ideal location set in the heart of the Surrey Hills, surrounded by stunning gardens and rolling hills. The peaceful and tranquil setting allows for an intimate and tailored event. Located just 15 minutes from the Guildford Crematorium, the venue is equipped with a fully licensed bar and catering options. GATE STREET Bramley | Gui ldford | Surrey | GU5 0LR 01483 894 362 | |

Langshott Manor, Ladbroke Road Horley, Surrey, RH6 9LN | 01293 786 680

Bereavement Guide 18

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12/12/2023 13:51

Supporting you through a probate sale At Curchods we understand the emotion involved in managing a probate sale. That is why we will be with you every step of the way to guide, advise and help your property sale go more smoothly.

“Curchods have just completed the sale of my late mother’s house. I was impressed with the helpful and very prompt responses to all my queries. Curchods made things as comfortable as possible, and with me living a long way away from the house, they were willing to make several visits to the house when needed and when I wasn’t there.”

“Would like to say a big thank you for the support and help at a sad time of selling my late mothers house through probate. Curchods Cobham are such a friendly team. At times felt like Elsa wasn’t just an estate agent but also an agony aunt and friend. Cannot thank and recommend them enough...”


L Durrance Google Review June 2023

D Gordon Google Review September 2022

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Exceptional care from a compassionate team

Signature’s empathetic care teams provide high quality practical care, day-to-day companionship, and emotional support to our residents and their families. Our exible, tailored care plans grow and change with your needs, supporting independent living for as long as possible. With 5-star amenities and accommodation, moving into a care home doesn’t mean giving up the ner things in life. We take a holistic approach to living well, so we’ve brought together specialist caring teams to look after a range of other important services including hospitality, activities, dining and more.


To nd the Signature home closest to you, please call 01494 680873, visit or scan this code:

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Oatlands Park Hotel is a 4-star grade II listed country house hotel in Weybridge, located on the site of the historic Oatlands Palace which was one of the favourite palaces of King Henry VIII. We offer a peaceful setting, with 10 acres of picturesque grounds overlooking the Broadwater Lake. We have designed our bereavement service to alleviate the worry and anxiety felt during this time. Our team will be on hand to assist you from start to finish.

With 12 private function rooms and a compassionate, experienced team, we can cater for a intimate receptions or as many as 420 people. With a restaurant, bar and accommodation, we can offer you a dedicated service so you can focus on the occasion itself. We are ideally positioned just off Weybridge High Street and close to rail links. The Hotel is easily accessible from the A3 and the M25 (junction 11) and we also have ample car parking spaces.

Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9HB +44 (0)1932 847242 • •

CELEBRATION OF LIFE Peaceful surroundings in which to reflect and celebrate. Our hotel offers a tranquil venue for funeral receptions, wakes and celebrations of life. Our experienced and attentive team understand the difficult journey of losing a loved one and will guide you through the process of planning and preparing for your event.

Frensham Pond Hotel & Spa, Farnham, Surrey GU10 2QD 01252 795161 | |

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D esborough H otel G roup Desborough Hotel Group comprises of two very individual hotels. The Warren Lodge Hotel, on the river Thames is located in the charming Church Square of Shepperton. The Ship Hotel is located in Weybridge. Each provide an ideal venue for hosting a post funeral gathering. We understand that organising the arrangements can be a daunting task, so we have a coordinator at each hotel to assist you. You will receive the support and guidance that you need during this difficult time and we will be able to advise you on the various menus and drinks options to suit your catering requirements.

Church Square Shepperton Surrey TW17 9JZ Telephone: 01932 237652

Monument Green Weybridge Surrey KT13 8BQ Telephone: 01932 848364 Email: Website:

Email: Website:

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Here at Surrey Home Removals we are and will always remain family owned and operated. We offer a friendly and bespoke service specialising in the following areas:

Home Relocations Packing & unpacking services Licensed house clearances Short & long term storage Full & part cleaning 0800 193 4121

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With over 150 years experience caring for bereaved families, we understand the importance of choosing the final resting place for your loved one. • Full burial and ashes plots • Family, community and ethnic group plots • Woodland and green plots • Mausoleum for burials and ashes • Memorial chapel • Peaceful and unique Grade I historic park and garden setting

Brookwood Cemetery, Glade House, Cemetery Pales, Brookwood, Woking GU24 0BL 01483 472222

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