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Thank you Jeff Buchman and Ken Hearn for sharing with all of us!

Strategic Planning is an organizational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and ensure that management, employees and our owners are working toward common goals. It establishes agreement around intended outcomes/ results, assesses and adjusts the resort’s direction in response to a changing environment. It is a disciplined effort that produces fundamental decisions and actions that will shape and guide our resort, who it serves, what it does, and why it does it, with a focus on the future. Effective strategic planning will articulate not only where our resort is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how we will know if it is successful. At ORPS, we have an annual budget of $5.25 million. In addition, we collect $1.2M in reserve funds, of which we spend approximately $1M annually. We have an obligation to ensure we spend our funds wisely. To do that, a Strategic Plan is critical to ensure our investments support our vision of the future. What happens if you don’t have a Strategic Plan? Has anyone ever been to the Winchester house? There is an example of someone who could have used a strategic plan. We don’t want to have staircases that lead to nowhere. Okay, that is an extreme example, but you get the idea. Last year, the Strategic Planning committee issued a survey in an attempt to focus our spending of capital and reserves funds on projects that were indicated by the results of the survey. As is the case with many surveys, the results were very difficult to translate into actionable plans. At the end of last season, the Strategic Planning Committee invited members of the Facilities Planning Committee, Finance Committee, Board of Directors and others to an offsite meeting to discuss what needed to be done to set a direction to follow. There was consensus that we needed a Master Plan for the resort. It was agreed that we should look at hiring a consulting firm that specializes in HOA and club stra- tegic planning. We looked at several firms that work in this industry and made the decision to go with the McMahon Group. Why the McMahon Group? Here is an excerpt from McMahon’s website. We not only identify the challenges facing clubs, we work with board members and general managers to develop unique solutions. McMahon understands trends in the club industry and has unparalleled experience in every aspect of club life, including an acute understanding of club politics. We can provide objective, unbiased consulting that is essential for achieving club goals. Discovering the issues. Understanding the challenges. Applying proven solutions. Choosing to follow McMahon Group process will position your club for maximum success . The engagement process with McMahon has already started with a survey of the Board. That will be followed by a planning session on December 19. After that, McMahon will start putting together a survey that will go to all owners. They will engage focus groups to hone the questions and then the survey will be sent to all owners in the February timeframe. This requires the residents/members to start volunteering for the survey focus groups in late December for them to attend in mid-January. This would have the main membership

As we start this new calendar year, we are busily planning for our next fiscal year. Budgets are being reviewed as are our list of summer projects. Speaking of future projects, the Board has been working with a strategic planning consultant that specializes in working with homeowners, associations, and country clubs, which is what we are here at ORPS. For more information, please see Greg Framer’s article in the adjacent column. Another new item on the horizon is a work order software system. Our current system was custom built approximately 8 years ago for us and is inadequate for tracking, inventory, and reliable reporting. Our new system is produced by a company named MicroMain. With it, owners will be able to log work orders online without having to call in or come into the office. This enables work orders to be distributed directly to our maintenance and landscape staff in the field. Of course, calls and office visits will always be welcome! In addition, it will help better track our inventory, manage a preventive maintenance plan for our equipment, create a prescriptive maintenance plan based on work orders generated on the same pieces of equipment and reliable tracking of work orders processed. It is our goal to have this system online and operational for the start of January. On a separate note, my Community Chats will be continuing in January, February and March. The dates, times and locations will be emailed in my Out and About. If you are currently not signed up for our email blasts, please contact Jennifer Miranda at and register your email address to receive updates. As a reminder, the community chats are an informal conversation regarding things in the resort and an opportunity for questions and answers as well as discussion.

Here’s to a great start to the New Year!

survey questionnaire sent out in early February to the owners and having the results completed/tabulated by late March. Then with the survey completed and incorporated into the Refresher plan, we would be able to begin the facility planning in mid-April and be able to develop and present a Facility Improvement project to the community in early November. The Strategic Plan will be finalized through interaction with the Board and the GM. Following that, the Plan will be communicated to the owners. to achieve buy-in. We have a great resort and the Strategic Plan will help ensure we keep it that way for years to come.

Greg Farmer Board President



Important Dates:

Jan 1 - 14

OWNERS verify mailing address for your ballot

February 3 1PM Candidate’s Forum, LP February 7 Election packages mailed to all owners March 11 Ballots mailed to the Inspectors of Election Post Office Box must be received by 5PM

Ballots are mailed to your address of record (generally your home address). If you want your ballot mailed to you here at ORPS, please contact Sharen in the Board room, by email to, or by phone 760-328-3834, ext 261. PRIOR TO JANUARY 14

Please vote early to ensure your ballot is delivered by this deadline

March 12 4PM – Deadline for ballots to be deposited in Ballot Box at LP

March 13


Registration hand-delivered ballots by the Inspectors of Election, LP East Room Annual Meeting Call to Order. Immediate recess for tabulation of ballots by the Inspectors of Election of

VISION STATEMENT Outdoor Resort Palm Springs strives to be the ultimate RV Destination, unsurpassed in facilities, activities, amenities, social atmosphere and climate. Our 5-Star community delivers a “personal paradise and escape” creating new friendships and memories that last a lifetime.



Tabulation of Ballots, East Room


Annual Meeting resumes. Election Results announced.




Board Planning Meeting

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Monday, Jan 20


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Health & Fitness

Tuesday, Jan 7


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Safety & Security

Wednesday, Jan 8


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CFO REPORT Money Isn’t Everything


The season seems to be going quickly. I hope you are enjoying our awesome resort. It's been great to see people walking, playing tennis, playing pickleball, working out in the weight room and golfing. Our bodies are made to move, so keep on trucking. We are blessed to have such beauty and sunny weather to play outside. Every day, we should set goals to improve our overall wellness. But what if you could take those health goals you’re setting and transcend them into daily habits? Goals vary between big and small, achievable and maybe far-fetched. When setting goals, it’s important to do so in such a way that allows you to obtain them and naturally weave them into your daily life. To create new habits, it can take up to sixty days to make them stick. I’ve noticed that when I try to accomplish huge goals, my efforts to turn them into daily rituals or routines doesn’t manifest the way I’d hoped. Wellness takes practice. It means different things to different people. Being healthy means being peaceful, serene and joyful in your thoughts and mind - how you respond to events in this wacky world we live in and in your life. Optimal health should always be your desired outcome. However, life can get in the way of making your health goals habitual. Be Positive and write out your goals and put them someplace you will see them daily to create new health challenges. January 19 the Health and Fitness team will be co-sponsoring a lecture with FMCA to host Dr. Hashimoto on Regenerative stem cells. Febuary 15 we will be co-sponsoring with the dog committee to put on our 5K run/walk. We are looking for volunteers to serve on the Fitness committee. Reach out to me or to Kathy Oedekerk. February speaker will be announced at a later date. Chavalla Lopez-Bassh Chair

As you read this message we are 40% through our 5-month season. Financial reports do lag a bit so I take the liberty of thinking about other issues and how we can each help. The ORACLE is our most important communication. Eva, our devoted Editor, is seeking volunteers to help with editing, ad sales and distribution. Cash contributions from our clubs and individuals are always welcome. Dog owners are asked to be sure to pick up after themselves and be sure your dog does not trespass onto the various common spaces and private property around the resort. The trial areas around tennis and pickleball courts have been extended to January 30. As always, it is preferred that each of our dogs do their toilet on our own lots prior to the walk. Thank you to the owners near the maintenance yard who took the initiative to call Burrtec and learn that Saturday garbage pickups are available. This will help control our Sunday and Monday overflows. Be sure to break down your cardboard boxes and step on the large plastic bottles to prevent recycling spillovers. Bottles must go into the bins, not on the ground. Bella Roma and the Convenience Store need our ongoing support if we are to keep these important amenities in the resort. Tee times will be in high demand during January, so be sure to cancel your tee time in a timely manner if you decide not to golf.

Charlie Leahy CFO

FINANCE COMMITTEE Apologies to committee member Larry Fredella whose name was accidentally omitted from the December Finance Committee article.

The committee continues to search for information into aspects of the resort and its operations to identify opportunities. Activity has slowed due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas absences. Committee members: Howard Berman, Dave Crosswhite, Bill Dietrich, Doug Folsom, Larry Fredella. Doug German, and Dave Mueller Gail Pollock Chair



A&A COMMITTEE The A&A Committee has been very busy since October 15 when we resumed evaluating and approving permits. That policy is, we only approve permits for review from October 15 through April 15. That will be the standard going forward. The committee meets twice a month every other Wednesday in the East room at 1PM. The Board, at its December 16 meeting approved, for a 28-day posting, a rule change that only metal shade structures will be allowed for any installation at ORPS. We evaluate each shade structure request on a case-by-case basis and a permit is required. Please consult with us BEFORE purchasing a structure. Another item the membership should be aware of is the new mandate by the City of Cathedral City. When doing major lot modifications or electrical work on the lot, the entire lot must be brought into code compliance. The old wiring on many lots is not up to code, and in many cases is dangerous. We see a lot of this. The City, and our rules, mandate a licensed electrical contractor perform all work of this nature. None of our employees are licensed electricians. They are not allowed to consult or perform ANY of this type of work. Please don’t jeopardize their employment by consulting with them. Our General Manager has counseled all employees on this condition regarding employee work rules. Another item I want to mention is regarding our rules on RV rig aesthetics. We replaced the 15-year rule with the aesthetic rule. This requires ANY rig moved or sold within the resort to have an ORPS permit and pass an inspection. That rule also requires ALL rigs to be kept to an acceptable standard. Our Compliance coordinator and the committee is evaluating all the rigs in the resort as we ALL want a beautiful resort as our winter home. My team of volunteers not only review and approve permits but also provide consultations to our members on what the rules allow as well as ideas for lot improvements. I would encourage all owners to go online and review the rules and take advantage of the services we provide. Ted Wilson, A&A Chair

The areas marked in Yellow can be used for Dog relief

Having a pet as part of your family can definitely be a joy. Having a pet also comes with some responsibility such as feeding, care, exercise, etc. Another big responsibility of all pet owners is to be respectful of others and their personal property. So please “PAWS” to read the following rules that will help make your pet a joy to other people too!! 1. Leashes must be used at all times (cats included) 2. Pick up all waste and dispose properly 3. Pets are allowed in runs by the main laundry, area by front pedestrian gate and new trial areas on 3 sides of pickleball and tennis courts. 4. Be respectful and do not allow your pet to urinate or defecate on other people’s lots 5. Pets are not allowed on golf course or common areas throughout resort 6. Be courteous and only take one bag from the bag stations for immediate use 7. Quiet hours are 10PM to 8AM Brenda King Chair

Saturday, JAN 4 from 11:30 - 2


ORPS Family Motor Coach Association Happy New Year and a very special welcome to our newest families : Mrs. Mary “Margie” Harrop Colorado Springs CO Lot 714; Steven & Charlotte

Farley Tangent OR Lot 597; Lori & Diedre Kramer Alta Loma CA Lot 164; Muriel Leff & Dr. Susan Giullian Denver CO Lot 817; Barbara Van Dyke Redding CA Lot 631; Russ & Marie Baker, Children (Talon-14, Rogan-9, Ridge-12) Harrisburg OR Lot 1111; John & Kristen Damazio Cathedral City, CA Lot 914. Correction about FMCA National dues; first year is $85 with renewal $75 thereafter. Our local Chapter dues are $25. Once you are a national member, you may join our local Chapter. To review the benefits and join FMCA, go to We hope you enjoyed the Hot Air Balloon Glow event that we sponsored at ORPS on November 22. Pilots Jeff Buchman and Ken Hearn along with the help of many volunteers inflated their balloon on our golf course and DJ Mac entertained us with great flight music. In addition, Jeff and Ken flew their balloon in the Cathedral City Balloon Festival.

Outdoor Resort Hiking Group meets every Monday at 7:45AM in front of La Palma Clubhouse. Info: Daryl Koch 509-879-5613

Our Ukulele Group singing at the ice cream social

While retirement may be relaxing, you might be eager for a new hobby. Were you ever interested in playing a musical instrument? Well, it’s not too late to learn, despite the misconception that you should start taking lessons at an early age. In fact, researchers have discovered that learning an instrument shows positive effects on a senior’s health and well-being.  Playing an instrument exercises your brain. You may not realize the amount of multitasking it takes to practice an instrument. You’re reading sheet music, counting out rhythms, locking into the beat and trying to sound musical all at the same time. It seems exhausting, but you’d be surprised as to the benefits of this activity.  Playing an instrument relieves stress. After a long day, a musical instrument can be a source of relaxation.  Playing an instrument gives you a chance to set goals. Goals provide a sense of direction, motivation and purpose in your life.  Playing an instrument offers a way to connect with people. It can be a healthy way to combat isolation and make new connections with people. So now that you’ve decided to play an instrument, join the ORPS Ukulele Club. The group practices every Saturday in the West Room in the ES Clubhouse. 1-1:45PM for beginning instruction and players who want a refresher. 2-3:30PM for all players. This is when new songs and new techniques are introduced. All players are encouraged to stay for the 2PM “jam” session. Being a part of the ORPS Ukulele Club ticks off all boxes for a happy and healthy retirement. For more info contact: Marilyn Sabens, Lot #363


Jan 8 - Jan 11 FMCA Western Regional Rally in Indio Jan 10 Potluck dinner and Chapter business meeting Jan 23 Wine Pairing Dinner Jan 29 Dr. Hashimoto will speak to ORPS on STEM cell treatment. Co-sponsored with Health & Fitness Feb 8 Tour de Palm Springs - Join our ORPS walking or cycling teams Feb 19 Potluck Dinner March 3-5 is our Onsite FMCA Rally with golf and pickleball tournaments and Dinner/Business Meeting. March 26-29 is the FMCA International Rally in Tucson If you have questions about the ORPS FMCA chapter or are interested in joining, contact one of the officers: Pam Rose - President 224-217-1869, #989 Jeff Buchman - VP 202-577-6478, #835 Vicki Hilmer - Treasurer 253-312-0193, #1082 Doug Hibl - FMCA National Dir. 209-480-8971, #99 Ken Hearn - Secretary 610-573-3747, #835 6


LADIES Are you looking for an opportunity to meet some remarkable Women? Do you want to meet women who Love the Lord? Well

Chapel meets every Sunday at 8:50AM in La Palma Chaplain Jim Gwinn Lot 274 847-445-0077

then join us!! Starting January 15 at 9AM in the East Room (LP) we will begin a 7 week study of Psalm 23 by Jennifer Rothschild, THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD Psalm 23 is a Psalm we have all heard most of our life. It is beautiful, promising and full of hope. In all my 46 years of knowing Christ as my personal Savior, it opened my eyes, that much more, to who Jesus is. Expect to be changed. This is a quote from one of our enthusiastic ladies, who loves The Lord. PLEASE grab a friend and join us for a time of sisterhood that will enrich your lives beyond measure. For more information call

Come Join Us! All are Welcome


Here we are on another year of growth, blessing, and joy. Remember this "a good laugh and sleep” are the best cures for anything." How can we go wrong living at ORPS? Laughter and sleep! Does God have a sense of humor? Absolutely. Look at us, how can one keep from laughing? We are made in God’s image so laughter which He enjoyed means we enjoy wholesome, clean, and funny humor. Author Helen Salisbury wrote this: Dear God, we make you so solemn, stiff and staid • How can we be so foolish when we look at things you've made? • How can we miss the twinkle that must have been in your eye when You planned the hippopotami and the rhinoceros? • Who watches an ostrich swallow, then doubts that You like to play • Or questions your sense of humor hearing a donkey bray? • Could God who made the monkey have forgotten to laugh? • Or the One who striped the zebra, and stretched out the giraffe? • How could a solemn God fashion a pelican? • Or a perfectly somber Creator ever imagine man? Read Genesis chapter 21 and see how Sarah was told by God at her old age that she would give birth to a son… truly it was either laugh or cry. Imagine how she laughed... yet she said this is happening, I’m giving an old man a son? Those who live a life of joy mixed with laughter generally live a long life. May 2020 be a year of joy, laughter and reality as Jesus Christ is in the center of our lives. Want a blessing, good time, joy and a laugh... attend Chapel each Sunday. We are a blessed people!! JANUARY SPEAKERS/SINGERS 5th Ron Cline HCJB radio: This Day in History 12th John Guest Episcopal Priest from Pittsburgh 19th Michael Van Landingham Moody Bible Institute 26th The Samoans Our favorite singers each year

Donnice Koch (913)952-9285 or text


Attention ALL ORPS residents, if you enjoy singing just for fun - please come and join us on Tuesdays 2 - 3:30PM at La Palma Ballroom We would love to have you as part of the approx. 45 adult singers. We’re looking forward to another great year of singing together.

For more info contact Pat Duncan 250-833-8498 or Margot Baur


Lifestyle and Events

January 7 January 11 January 15 January 18 January 25 January 25

Deanna Bogart Band

Comedy Night

Ladies’ Luncheon

Potato Bake

Themed Table Event

Movies in Owners’ Lounge Tuesdays @ 4PM & 7PM Hot dog & chips - $4.50 (5:30 - 6:30) Margie’s Homemade Cookies available January 7 Overboard January 14 POMS January 21 Welcome to Marwen January 28 Instant Family

Flea Market

First showing 4PM Second showing 7PM

Free entertainment

Check out the for times Starting in January there will be scheduled entertainment at ES on all Tuesday , Wednesday , and Thursday evenings. Along with dance bands, easy listening music, Karaoke, DJ's and games, light food such as Hotdogs, Hamburgers and Tacos will be sold on different nights. Bring your friends and guests to the 19th hole and enjoy some fun events. E-Blasts


Flea Market 8 - 11

February 1 El Saguaro



If you are lucky enough to score a HOLE-IN-ONE and want to share the good news, please get a form from the Starter Shack to provide the details. All forms should be provided to the golf committee at the Tuesday or Thursday golf games or at a weekend tournament run by the committee. If you wish to purchase a bag tag noting the event, attach $25 cash to the form with your scorecard and submit it. If you wish to engrave your hole-in-one on an existing hole-in-one bag tag, attach $7 cash to the form with the scorecard and submit it. First hole-in-one’s by ORPS’ owners are recognized on the large plaques in the pool room in El Saguaro. All hole-in-one scorecards are returned to the lucky golfer! All hole-in-ones reported to the golf committee will be reported in the ORACLE.


Tuesdays we have a mixed scramble. Thursdays play is men and women on separate teams. Play your own ball all the way around the course. Game formats will vary from week to week. Teams are handicapped and both high and low handicaps are welcome. Guest handicaps will be based on your home course handicap. Register at ES between 8AM and 8:45AM, play starts at 9AM. Games are generally $5/person. 50/50 draw tickets and Hole In One buy-ins are also available. Join us to meet your neighbors and make new friends! Saturday, JAN 11 - String Saturday , JAN 25 - Owners only. Hole In One Saturday/Sunday , FEB 8 and 9 - Sweetheart Friday, FEB 21 - Can-Am Saturday, FEB 29 - Three Club Fri-Sat-Sun, MAR 13, 14, 15 - Club Championship Saturday , MAR 21 - Farewell Tournament 2019-2020 Tournaments



Hole # First HIO?

Jerry McGee




Brock Leitner




Hunter Frith




Joan Craven




Larry Bain




David Thomson




John Neumann




Kevin Moerdick




Barry Pollock




David Thomson




The Orange Ball Tournament

was a success in spite of the “curse” of the ORANGE Ball! Winners were the team of

Brock Leitner got his first ORPS ace on #18 at the Farewell Golf Tournament in late March. He is holding his winnings from the hole in pot. The wad of cash was just shy of $800! Not bad for a first hole in one.

Kris McGee Greg Rose Dennis Duncan Walli Olive KP’s were won by

Jerry McGee & Marilou Guscette Dearald Vesey took home the BIG PRIZE for his Hole in One, collecting the pot of $409. Congratulations!

Congratulations Brock! Hope you spent it well!!

2019-2020 GOLF COMMITTEE Bob Moore - CHAIR Brad Curle

LADIES’ PUTTING CLUB Sign up Wednesday mornings 8:45AM at ES

Hal Mortenson Brenda Goorts Michelle Moore Gail Pollock Mike Schnarr Glenda Edwardson

Bring your putter, a ball and 4 quarters and have FUN!


Submitted by Gail Pollock , Secretary

Golf Department Updates Hello Owners and Renters

FRIDAY MORNINGS We are experimenting with 8AM shotgun starts on Fridays to maximize course usage during peak times and also determine if this will increase the amount of tee times throughout the day going forward. Please sign up through the events tab or through the Friday 8AM shotgun gray tab above the tee sheet for that day. Sign ups will start at 7AM on Fridays for the following week. Each member will be able to book up to one foursome each week. Hole assignments will be emailed on Thursdays and also visible on the tee sheet after Noon. Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays will remain with tee times starting at 7:24AM off of #1 and 7:16AM off of #10. Please reply to Remington Post with any questions or feedback.

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! We are excited for the new season and have some great events and activities available! Our new online tee time reservation system,, is live and ready for booking. Owners may book seven days in advance at 7AM and renters may book 3 days in advance at 7AM. If you need your login credentials, please stop by the starter shack between 7AM-4PM or email The Outdoor Resort Foretees system is user friendly, great for communication, and updates information as it is submitted. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this incredible tool. New this season we have golf instruction and clinics available for all aspects of the game! Every Monday we will host a free clinic for Owners, Renters, and their guests. The Monday Clinics are great for learning how to improve and apply the information to your game. These clinics are complimentary and we will cover a different topic each week. On Tuesdays we will host Get Golf Ready clinics for newer or beginner golfers. The cost is $10 per person. We will provide individual instruction in a group environment with an 8-1 student-teacher ratio maximum. We are excited to offer a fun and friendly tournament schedule this season with the assistance of the golf committee! These events are a great way to meet other golfers and compete in a no judgment environment. All owners and renters are welcome to play! You may refer to the events tab on Foretees to view all tournament and event information for the season. Below is a list of tournaments and events for January: January 1 - Starter Shack Closed (New Year’s Day) January 11 - String Tournament January 25 - Hole in One Tournament Every Tuesday - Fun Scramble (9AM shotgun start, check in at ES 8-8:45AM) Every Wednesday - Putting group on the Small 9 (9AM shotgun start, open to anyone, check in at ES 8:45AM) Every Thursday - Best Ball (9AM shotgun start, check in at ES 8-8:45AM) We look forward to assisting our owners and renters this season with a 5 star resort experience. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

The Cathedral City Fire Department (in Conjunction with ORPS Safety & Security Committee) will come to ORPS and conduct a three hour CPR and AED training classes in January. The classes cost between $50 and $60 for each attendee. If you are interested contact Bob Mosley, lot 1006 or 949-214-5050 We need at least 10 people to signup for the fire department to come to ORPS. ( AED training will be conducted throughout the month of January).


In January we will be starting our TOP GUN Men’s and Women’s play. Also, all of our leagues will begin. We have a total of seven different teams. Please watch you emails and check for days and times of these matches. Come out and cheer for ORPS. Our NEXT MIXER will be on January 18. Keep an eye out for more information on the bulletin boards. It promises to be a great day! December 7 we held our last HORSE RACE of the year. It was well attended by the tennis players left in the resort before the holidays. Here are pictures of the winners from the event.


In November and December, we have had a lot of activities for all

levels of tennis. November 16 was our first mixer of the year, put on by the Tennis Committee. It was called THE FALL FEST with a great luncheon and even our “Helga” was out passing out a special brew. We had several winners and all had a great time.

Below are the winners from the mixer, and some of the helpers!

Our next HORSE RACE will be held on January 4 followed by our TOWN HALL MEETING . Watch your emails for free clinics that will be offered. We will be having a new event in February. It is called a CALCUTTA – there will be more info as the event gets closer.

12 Submitted by: Kathy Brown, Tennis Communications




January 18 January 25 February 7 February 29

Hawaiian Tournament & Potluck

Themed Table Fundraiser Studio 54 Dance Party

Pickleball Annual Dinner/Dance

Lost paddle! Pink, White and Black Paddletek. If found, please contact Sue Anderson at 360 901-7634 or


Congratulations Karen Schaper & Holly Aschenbrenner for winning gold in the 3.5 women’s category at the “Fun in the Sun” Tournament! Ron Anderson & Holly Aschenbrenner also won gold in mixed doubles 3.0 in “The Turkey Pickle”

Thanks to Kathy Oedekerk for organizing a fun and festive event!


Wednesday January 1 Wednesday January 8 Wednesday January 15 Wednesday January 15

Mixed shootout Mixed shootout

Men/women’s shootout Pickleball meeting (11AM courtside) Hawaiian tournament and potluck

Saturday January 18

Tournament in La Quinta! Fabulous!

Wednesday January 22 Wednesday January 29

Mixed shootout

Men/women’s shootout

A REMINDER OF PICKLEBALL LINE RULES A served ball that clears the non-volley zone and lands in the correct service court or on any correct service court line is in. Except for the serve, any ball in play that lands in the court or touches any court line is in. A ball contacting the playing surface outside of the baseline or sideline, even though the edge of the ball overlaps the line, is considered out of bounds.

Submitted by Lynn Barry


ORPS QUILTERS & SEWING CLUB For those of you who enjoy sewing, we would like to invite you to join us in the West Room Monday – Friday, from 8AM to 5PM. This group allows us the room and time to work on individual projects, as well as group projects. The group projects, such as the charity raffle quilts helps the club to raise money and give resources to the Cathedral City Fire Department First Responders and to domestic violence victims at Shelter from the Storm.

BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP Thursday January 16 3:30PM Owners’ Lounge In the Country of Women By Susan Straight

This year we have two charity raffle quilts. The first quilt pictured is called PINWHEELS . The second quilt pictured is called SEWPHISTOCATES . Both quilts are on display in the West Room. Raffle tickets can be purchased from anyone in the group during sewing times in the West Room or at any of our pop-up locations during ORPS events. The cost of the tickets are one(1) ticket for $5 or five(5) tickets for $20. The drawing for both quilts will be held at the March Ladies’ Luncheon. Winner need not be present.

This memoire is a lyric history of Straight’s multiracial clan that “ reads like a love story to America and indomitable women.” On January 29 at 6PM the Book Group will hear Ms. Straight discuss her latest book, In the Country of Women at UCR, Tickets are available for club members and guests from ORPS on a first come basis from Jean Dietrich or Marilyn Saben.

Everyone is welcome to our discussion on January 16th

For information: Jean Dietrich 760 992-8225

With the proceeds of last year’s charity quilt raffle sales and quilt sales, we donated $2500 to Shelter from the Storm and $200 to Cathedral City Police Foundation “Santas for Seniors.” These gifts will aid and comfort community members in Cathedral City in the name of Outdoor Resort Palm Springs. Alyssa from the Lifestyles and Events Office recently welcomed a beautiful set of twin boys to her family. Jamie Davis was thrilled to present a set of rag quilts to Alyssa from the group. “Twins, two little blessings sent


6:30PM Early Bird Bingo 7PM Regular Bingo

from above, twice the smiles, twice the love.” Congratula- tions, Alyssa! February 15, 2020 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Quilt Show March 11, 2020 – Ladies’ Luncheon Sponsored by the ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club

Games end around 9PM

Paper pack of 10 games $7 Early Bird sheets $1 each Intermission game $1 each

• Popcorn, Candy & Soda available

Join the Fun

Jamie and Alyssa

Chair, Sandy - 951-236-3155

This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at: You can join our Facebook page by searching for: orps quilters & sewing club.

Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter


DATE Purchased



City State/Province

2/13/2019 1033

Phillip Sharp & Fran Swanson Scott Peterson & Scott Johnson

Portland, OR Box Elder, SD

11/4/2019 11/6/2019 11/8/2019 11/8/2019 11/12/2019

692 330 871 114

Summerlands, BC Lords Valley, PA

Ricky Lori & Brock Leitner Dennis & Jeannie Tuohy Mark & Sandi Hansen Raymond & Colleen Cop

Mukilteo, WA Redvers, SK


11/13/2019 791

Martin Lentz & Judith Johnson Lentz Randall Mannen & Darrel Saunders

Cathedral City, CA


Manzanita, OR


11/15/2019 1039

Donald & Bonnie Brandon Robert & Sharon Duncan Sharleen & Shelli James

Sherwood Park, AB


Rapid City, SD Washougal, WA


11/22/2019 849 11/22/2019 765 11/25/2019 983 11/25/2019 880 11/26/2019 950 11/27/2019 180

Sparks, NV

Roland & Elizabeth Stromberg

Sioux Falls, SD Beaverton, OR Morrison, CO Issaquah, WA Edmonton, AB

Rudy Dostal

John Hall

Tobi Perkins & Kathleen McCune

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Please Support OUR ORPS Vendors!

Lupe’s Hair Salon Providing for your hair and nail care needs.  Cuts & Design  Coloring (Hi Lites & Lo Lites)  Perms  Facial Waxing  Full Set Acrylic Nails  Full Set Gel Nails  Manicure  Pedicure Hours: Tue - Sat 9AM to 5PM El Saguaro - Right here in ORPS

Lupe 760-328-0007

Hours: MON-SAT 7AM-1:30PM

Breakfast: 7AM to11AM Eggs, Pancakes, Country Fried

A1 Convenience Store Operated by A1 Custom Golf Cars Your On-Site Store carries a wide range of Sundry items, RV Parts and Supplies. We offer Golf Carts, Golf Cart Repair, RV Batteries, Golf Cart Parts, Cart Rentals and Summer Storage. Special orders may be placed for RV Parts and Golf Cart Parts not carried on site. NOW SELLING CART BATTERIES We look forward to serving all your needs. Hours of Operation : MON – SAT 8AM – 3PM SUNDAYS 8AM – 12 Noon A-1 Convenience Store

Steak, Omelettes and more Daily Lunch Specials $9.95

Lunch : 11AM to 3PM Lasagna, Eggplant Parmigiana, Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Piccata, Fish & Chips, Sausage, Peppers & Onion Pasta, Baked Ziti 3PM to 8PM House Specialties include: Shrimp Fra Diablo, Scampi, Shrimp Sofia, Linguini with Clams, Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna Alforno, Roma Combo, Veal Parmigiana, Chicken Limonigio, Pasta Primavera, Ravioli, a variety of Pastas Subs, Pizzas, Calzones, Salads, & Desserts Appetizers: Fried Cheese Sticks, Wings, Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms, Calamari, Garlic Cheese Toast & Fried Zucchini Dinner:

35 Years of Experience


We welcome you to come join us again this year. We are excited for you to taste and enjoy our wonderful Italian Cuisine . We can provide custom catering for any occasion. LET US HELP YOU IN YOUR FUTURE EVENTS 760-328-3834 Ext. 256 Open 7 days a week 7AM-8PM

Now Serving Beer & Wine


Elias Mobile Golf Cart Repair

RUDY ELIAS 760-898-1440

We Repair All Makes & Models CLUB CAR YAMAHA EZGO WESTERN PLANET FORD THINK GEM Pick–up and Delivery Service Available for online ordering use ' ORPS ' for a 15% discount off of the regular menu price for all orders, cannot be combined with other discounts/promotions. Round Table Pizza #0858

31775 Date Palm Drive Cathedral City, CA 92234 760-321-1756









MONDAY—FRIDAY 9:30AM - 5:30 PM Saturday 10AM - 2PM


Men’s Cut: Reg 15/Coupon $13 Women’s Cut: Reg $18/Coupon $15 Shampoo & Blow dry: Reg $25/Coupon $20 Color: Reg $55/Coupon $45

Don’t forget to bring your COUPON

NEW SERVICES Eyelash Extensions: $85 Eyebrow & Lip Wax: Reg $19/Coupon $15

Highlights: Reg $70/Coupon $60 Balayage: Reg $70/Coupon $60 Permanent: Reg $65/Coupon $60


$5 OFF AND FREE CAR WASH with any Service 401 s Paseo Dorotea Palm Springs, CA 92264 760-416-9559

6850 Ramon Rd Cathedral City CA 92234 PH: 760-770-5800


760 7709133 Emergency Calls Accepted We Care For People, Not Just Injuries Ask about our Decompression Therapy

Grooming With Love 34116 Date Palm Dr 7, Cathedral City Phone: (760) 328- 4523

31855 Date Palm Drive Suite 3 Cathedral City, CA 92234

Shipping Packaging Notary Live Scan Mailboxes

Business Cards Wide Format Printing Color Copies Freight

(760) 324-8184 Tel (760) 321-9682 Fax


Free Things to Do in Greater Palm Springs

Palm Springs Art Museum The nationally noted Palm Springs Art Museum offers “free 2nd Sundays” with children’s activities, performances, exhibitions and films. Admission is also free every Thursday night from 4-8 PM Palm Springs VillageFest Every Thursday night, historic Palm Canyon Drive (between Baristo and Amado) is the place to be. This giant “block party,” a Palm Springs tradition, offers music, food and entertainment. Locals shop the Farmer’s Market. Find unique jewelry, clothing, art and other perfect gifts for those back home. Free Hiking Explore the natural beauty of the oasis while hiking along mountainsides and palm trees. Hardcore hikers and out- door loving families alike find plenty of free trails to explore in Greater Palm Springs. Be sure to go early in the morning and bring plenty of water. Historical Society and Museum of Palm Desert The Historical Society and Museum of Palm Desert showcases the rich history of Palm Desert and the celebrities who called it home. Kids love the old fire truck. Cabazon Cultural Museum Learn about the history of the Cabazon Band of Misison Indians in the desert at the museum in Indio Night Adventures in the Monument Discover an array of night creatures with Friends of the Desert Mountains. Family friendly hikes are scheduled on select days through September. Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert Add some art and culture into your trip with a stop at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Four dedicated galleries offer rotating exhibits all year long, and admission is always free. Fritz Burns Park Families and dogs alike can find plenty to enjoy at this La Quinta park. Besides the dog park, there are picnic tables, a playground, public art, skate park, swimming pool, tennis courts and a water feature. Shields Date Garden Opened in 1924, Shields Date Garden is worth a visit. Explore the Garden, a 17 acre landscaped date farm and have a date shake or lunch on the patio overlooking the gardens. Don’t miss the free movie, “The Romance and Sex Life of the Date.” Backstreet Art District Art Walk Tucked along Highway 111 just 10 minutes from downtown Palm Springs is the Backstreet Art District, an enclave of studios and galleries featuring everything from paintings to sculptures to jewelry. Join the free monthly art walk on the first Wednesday of the month from 6-9 p.m. Vista Point Sweeping views of the Oasis can be found for free with a short drive up Highway 74 to Vista Point. Here, at the edge of the San Bernardino National Forest, you’ll discover a new perspective on the Coachella Valley. Palms to Pines Highway Turn your trip to Vista Point into a scenic drive along Highway 74, also known as the Palms to Pines Highway. As you climb this winding mountain road, you’ll enjoy desert and forest inspired sights before reaching the charming mountain town of Idyllwild. Outdoor Public Art The oasis has no shortage of wonderful locations for casual visitors and art connoisseurs alike to enjoy. Visit visionary murals and astounding sculptures, perfect for snapping a quick Instagram photo or learning more about local history and culture. Star Parties The clear skies of Greater Palm Springs are lit up with a dazzling array of stars each night, making stargazing a popular pastime in the Oasis. If you forgot your telescope, the Astronomical Society of the Desert has you covered with their ongoing free Star Parties at Sawmill Trail and the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Na- tional Monument Visitors Center in Palm Desert. Self-Guided Architecture Tour Greater Palm Springs is home to an incredible collection of midcentury modern architecture designed by greats like Donald Wexler, Albert Frey and E. Stewart Williams and you can see many of these buildings on a self-guided tour.




ORPS Vendor List

Admin Office

Ext . 244 262


Accounting Front desk


Maintenance Dispatch Community Standards

293 246


260 760-770-0065

COUNTRY CLUB CARPET CLEANING 760 774 2889 CONCRETE COATINGS 877 437 6999 EXPRESS TECH MOBILE RV 760 487 2500 FRANK’S RV WASH & WAX 760 399 6320 JAIME GARCIA MASONRY 760 668 7302 JORGE’S LANDSCAPING 760 443 3672 JOSE GOMEZ GARDENING 760 641 4571 K&D VALLEY BLINDS 760 272 5621 NELSON’S RV WASH & WAX 760 408 5941 ON SITE RV FLUSH AND TANKWORKS 800 517 6977 RAY DUFF 760 567 8772 ROMERO RV WASH 760 272 1965 SHADEMAKER INC 951 654 0841 SOUL SHADES 760 699 4297 If you are an approved vendor working in ORPS, who wishes to be on this list, please e-mail Eva @

La Palma Clubhouse Board Office/ Robert

250 254 255



El Saguaro Clubhouse Lifestyle & Events

270 271 272

Activities Assistant


Golf Shack Attendant

280 or 760-324-8638

Bella Roma Beauty Salon Oracle Office






Clint Atherton General Manager Brenda Mejia Controller Robert Brown Board Secretary Morgan Bonney Lifestyle & Events Director ORACLE ORACLE@ORPS.COM Byron Jessie Maintenance Manager Jennifer Miranda

Photography Distribution S HAREN W OODGRIFT Looking for more Volunteers to help with the ORACLE

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