West Yorkshire Mentor Guide

Preparing for the Mentor Role Mentors may have concerns, and it is reassuring to know that these concerns are also experienced by the Mentees. Some concerns may include:

• Will we get on? • Will there be enough time for meetings? • What am I supposed to do?

• Will I be able to do this? • Confidentiality? • What if things go wrong?

We can see that these concerns can apply to both parties. The Mentor and Mentee can start to look at these issues prior to the initial contracting meeting. Reviewing past experiences and looking at the expectations of the Mentoring can do this. This will allow you to prepare, share understanding and formulate any questions, which can be raised and answered both at this stage and at stages prior to the initial meeting. The reflection will also invite you to consider issues that may be important for the future success of the Mentoring relationship. The following are only a suggestion of activities that Mentors and Mentees may agree to take part in • An initial contracting meeting • Work shadowing • Review discussions • Making use of a learning log • Building a portfolio or record of achievement Personal support • Reviewing the relationship Ending the relationship The initial contracting meeting The initial meeting is very important. It sets the stage for the relationship and provides a forum to establish the parameters essential for the success of the mentoring. It is the time to set, clarify and agree issues for discussion: • The purpose of the Mentoring and your expectations of what you hope to give and receive from the experience. • The framework for the supporting activities – What and how will these be delivered? What preparation prior to the meetings is needed? Each other’s responsibilities? • Frequency and agenda - How long will these meetings be? Review meetings – Important to review the aims, objectives and consider how the relationship is developing and changing.

By the end of discussions at the initial contracting meeting, both parties should


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