West Yorkshire Mentor Guide

Reading List The following selection of book titles offer a wide but certainly not exhaustive range of models, examples, skills and techniques for improving your role as a mentor: Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring, David Clutterbuck and David Megginson (2004) Mentoring in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Professional Development in the Lifelong Learning Sector), Sue Wallace, Jonathan Gravells A Practical Guide to Mentoring: How to Help Others Achieve Their Goals, David Kay and Roger Hinds (2009) Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Methods to Improve Learning, Eric Parsloe, Monika Wray (Kogan Page: 2000) Real Coaching and Feedback: How to Help People Improve Their Performance, J.K. Smart (Prentice Hall: 2002) Coaching for Performance, Sir John Whitmore (Nicholas Brealey: 1992) Changing Belief Systems with NLP, Robert Dilts (Meta Publications: 1990) Introducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, John O'Connor, John Seymour (HarperCollins: 1993) Magic of NLP Demystified: A Pragmatic Guide to Communication and Change, Byron Lewis, Frank Pucelik (Metamorphous Press: 1985) Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships, Eric Berne (Penguin Books: 1968) People Skills, Robert Bolton (Simon & Schuster Inc: 1986)

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