West Yorkshire Mentor Guide

How can we ensure these meetings work? There are a number of important issues/factors to consider to make the meetings a success. These

are important for positive outcomes in the mentoring relationship. One of the most important factors is to remember your Mentee is not your direct report.

Issue 1. Structure, purpose, content and process. The meetings should have a clear structure and purpose with respect to content and time parameters. These need to be defined and agreed upon during the initial contracting meeting and recorded if required on the Mentoring agreement. Giving the meeting a clear structure and process will ensure the time is used effectively. Your role here is to control the meting not the conversation. The content of a meeting may not follow a linear progression. However it is important, given potential time constraints that you have a structure you can use to manage the meeting. This will help you moving through looking back at recent experience, discussing present experience and finally discussing future options. These three areas are linked and follow on from each other systematically. You may only discuss the last two looking at present experience and discussing future options or even work from looking at options and then the present experience. Looking back at recent experience – How have things been going? What has worked well? What hasn’t worked? Discussing present experience – What are your thoughts now, in the light of what’s been discussed and raised? What obstacles may be holding you back and how they can be overcome. Discussing future options – exploring and agreeing goals for future action, discussing ways to meet the needs identified. Developing potential, clarifying and agreeing the support needed.


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