West Yorkshire Mentor Guide

The Mentor’s role

The relationship between Mentor and Mentee is very much Mentee- centred and focused on their professional and personal development. It may include the giving of advice, information, establishing facts, sign-posting, self-appraisal, etc. Whatever the techniques, the emphasis is on enabling and empowering the Mentee to take charge of their development and their environment. To allow this transition the importance of interpersonal skills is essential. These skills include listening effectively, empathy, understanding a non-judgemental approach and the ability to facilitate through skilled questioning. The Role of the Mentor is to: • Help establish the ground rules for the relationship • Question, to elicit facts and gain insights into emotional states

• Share information about organisation/occupation and informal networks • Offer advice on career development • Offer different perspectives • Provide support and encouragement • Confront and discuss current issues • Take the lead and make decisions in the early stages of the relationship And to encourage the Mentee to: • Listen • Clarify understanding • Share thinking • Review and reflect on oneself • Challenge own assumptions • Consider different perspectives • Develop a career plan • Take responsibility for own development • Maximise the outcomes of the Mentoring relationship


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