Taggart-Miller asks for “time out” on recycling plant

The problem for some is the size of the three volumes of reports, appendices, maps, and other documents that make up the ToR. In hard copy they amount to more than 300 pages of reading and, except for a short executive summary, they are all in English. Both Russell Township and the Vars/Carls- bad Springs areas where the company is considering setting up the plant have large francophone populations. Crack said that one of the reasons the MoE has asked Tag- gart Miller to allow an extension on the public response is so the company can provide a complete bilingual version of its ToR and also allow time for “a complete and thorough public consultation” on the issue. “It’s clear that Taggart Miller needs to do more on the public consultation part,”Crack said. “It’s important that the community be heard.” The final decision on whether there is an eight-week“time out”rests with the compa- ny. If Taggart Miller refuses, then the origi- nal Oct. 15 deadline stands. “At this time we’re waiting for a response from Taggart Miller,” said Crack, “as to how they’re going forward.” Hubert Bourque, TM’s project manager, told Le Reflet in a phone interview that any such extension is unlikely. “We think that an eight-week delay would be counterproductive,” Bourque said. He also noted that the focus of the MoE request was for the company to provide a bilingual translation of the ToR. He said that the executive summary of the document is

available in both languages, and that the company has made an effort to answer any email or phone questions and comments about the ToR in either French or English as needed. The company has also provided bi- lingual service at the open houses it held in the past on the project. “I’ve made myself available,” he said, add- ing that he is bilingual and made a point of attending all the open house sessions to answer questions. “All along I think we’ve been respectful of the fact that some peo- ple would prefer to speak in French.” The company will now wait for the min- istry decision on its terms of reference for the CRRRC, including which of the two sites proposed will receive approval. That should happen sometime during early 2013. Then the full environmental assessment process (EAP) begins. Bourque said the company will do a complete environmental report in both languages when the ToR is approved and the final site chosen for the project. “For everyone’s benefit,” Bourque said, “we need to move on.”


Toronto | The mid-October deadline has come and gone for public feedback and reaction to the terms of reference for a controversial proposal for a waste recy- cling plant in the region. But theMinistry of Environment has asked the company responsible for the project to consider a “time out” request. MPP Grant Crack, Liberal representative for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, confirmed in a phone interview Oct. 15 that the ministry sent a notice to Taggert Miller, an Ottawa- based outfit, with a request to “call a time out of at least eight weeks” on the original mid-October deadline for public response to the Terms of Reference (ToR) for its Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC) waste recycling plant proposal. The company is looking at sites either near the Village of Russell or in rural Ottawa’s Cum- berland ward for the project. The project has been a source of contro- versy from local community groups in Rus- sell Township and the villages of Vars and Carlsbad Springs. Any such project has to go through an Environmental Assessment Process (EAP) under ministry regulations. But it was almost two years since the com- pany first announced its proposed project before the ToR was at last presented to the ministry for review and also posted on a website along with a 30-day deadline for public response so that the EAP could be- gin.

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