College – Issue 39

COMMUNITY & SERVICE A qualification for the asking

A College education provides amazing opportunities for every boy, but one which is literally there for the asking is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

This internationally-recognised qualification expands every boy’s horizons while singling him out for closer attention on his CV. “It is instantly recognised as the highest non-academic qualification worldwide and I know of situations where short listing for job interviews are based on whether or not the young person has the award,” says Graeme Christey Master in Charge of the programme at College. “Quite simply, it gives you an edge. Employers know that a boy who

has any level of the award, but in particular, if completing all three bronze, silver and gold awards, has made a two-year commitment to being physically active, showing an ability to learn and commit to a skill. It tells them that you are adventurous and able to work in a team environment. It is formal recognition that you have the soft skills that most businesses prefer in their employees these days.” College boys are advantaged from the outset of their educational journey, every Year 10 boy being

funded and registered for their bronze award before they undertake the Immerse & Inspire programme, and thereby fulfilling the Adventurous Journey component. “We’re passionate about the Duke of Edinburgh award and that’s why we fund it, including their bronze Adventurous Journey,” says Graeme. “We invest in the students, and then it’s over to them to continue on. Our aim is to see as many as possible of their names on the

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