College – Issue 39

CHARACTER STRENGTHS A journey of growth and discovery

Every College boy has his own unique set of strengths and talents. Here we showcase a selection who are thriving on College life and building character strengths for the future.

Noah Yee – Year 9, Condell’s House Curiosity, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence His first year at College hasn’t played out like he imagined, but it hasn’t curbed the 14-year-old’s innate curiosity, especially concerning language. Poetry, prose, books, debating, all are Noah’s specialties and although the Covid-19 situation has been “weird” and “I’ve been losing a lot of the learning I would have been getting,” he’s still enjoyed the College experience. He won the Year 9 Tancred Prize for Literature; he’s finding Japanese a lot of fun and loves learning about the culture. He’s into drama, was in the Condell’s cast for House Plays, rating that his best experience of the year. Noah also plays piano and sings in the Chapel Choir. He plays badminton in winter and volleyball in summer.

Harry Vaughan – Year 9, Rolleston House Social Intelligence, Leadership, Creativity

Harry is the first in his family to come to College and he found it “exciting” to be in a new setting, with new subjects and new people. Just as he was getting established and making friends in the House and classes, lockdown occurred. It didn’t distract him too much, but he was pleased when it ended. A fan of Mathematics and Science, Harry thinks it will be good to choose new options next year, Economics and Digital Technology being high on his agenda. Music plays a big part in his life; he’s been playing piano since Year 3, and will sit Grade 7 this year. He’s co-head treble of the Chapel Choir, and he sang in the House Music festival. For leisure, Harry enjoys video games and watching Formula 1 racing. He’d like to study engineering and his dream job would be an engineering role for the Formula 1 Ferrari team!

College Issue 39 2020


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