College – Issue 39

Matthew Brett – Year 10, Condell’s House Perseverance, Bravery

Music is a passion for Matthew, who spends every moment he can drumming for the jazz band or the rock band JJ and the Stingers , composing music or singing in the Chapel Choir. “I have music every day of the week.” At home in lockdown he grabbed the time to learn the piano. “I learnt about notation so that I could play and write songs. It was especially useful for learning the small group work for House Music.” That event in the Town Hall was his highlight, taking part in three groups, and really testing his courage singing unaccompanied before a packed auditorium in the small group for Condell’s. Matthew also loves drama and was in High School Musical 2 . He plays in the 14A football team. He enjoys the three Sciences and Mathematics. “I like being busy with all my sport, music and academic commitments.”

George Couper – Year 10, Julius House Forgiveness, Humour, Teamwork

College presented some big changes for George Couper, but now in his second year he’s well-adjusted to the routines and the timetabling. The House system gets his approval. “It’s really nice to have a group you know and can rely on.” And he’s a fan of the mentor groups “That time each week is really valuable, as well as good fun. We always have a quiz with 20 questions about current events.” College has taught him a lot. “Forgiveness forms more solid friendships – if your friends realise you’re not going to hold a grudge, then you move on.” And life should not be too serious – “using humour to cope with dramatic situations, such as those frequently carried in the media” is a good ability to have, he says. He loves volleyball and any team game “where we act as a group but can all have our say.”

Bradley Shearer – Year 12, Condell’s House Zest, Love of Learning

Bradley swims, skis, loves the Sciences, Mathematics and Economics, is into basketball and has his sights on a career in medicine or finance. A hand injury from a cycling accident meant his swimming, skiing, basketball and water polo activities were compromised this year. “I love basketball – it’s a passion as much as a sport. I love it in the House, you can play with any number of guys at any time. We have a great group and awesome House spirit.” He plays in the Senior A water polo team, skis for the school and is looking forward to the swimming nationals next year. And he loves the energy and passion of kapa haka. But his biggest thing is “to maintain a balance in my academic work, sport, cultural, and social interests, and make sure I’m enjoying everything.”

Christ’s College Canterbury


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