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ACADEMIC Leading the House – a privilege and a responsbility

by example and getting stuck into House events and life. That whenever there were interhouse events the whole House turned up to support and create a good culture for the boys competing.” Guy Chaffey, Head of School House agrees. “The biggest challenge has been to try and involve the whole House in activities and not just 60% of the boys. I’ve charged the boys to get involved as much as possible and the highlight, as a result, is seeing each boy in the House with a smile on his face enjoying every moment.” For Charlie Chubb, Head of Somes, the highlight “was winning the House Play for the first time in Somes House history.” “After the boys came out of a difficult lockdown, they were thrown into the deep end, having only three weeks to choose, rehearse and produce the play. That win certainly felt good!” Head of Julius, Kynan Salt says keeping the House connected during lockdown and keeping the House spirit burning, were big challenges. “But they taught me great skills. One way of keeping connected was using social media as a House. We would set up daily challenges for the boys to complete, competing against each other.

Fletcher Anderson, Head of Condell’s House feels his organisational skills have been tested, but he’s learnt that by thinking and planning ahead, he can comfortably handle the demands. “This role has allowed me to develop some very important leadership skills, that being personable and friendly is much more valuable than demanding things from the boys.” William Koko, Head of Rolleston House says keeping a boy’s sense of community within the House over the internet, as occurred during lockdown, was not the easiest thing. “Making sure the boys heard from me was a good way of keeping some sense of House spirit. But it was also important to give each boy some space in that time of great change and turbulence.” House spirit is an intangible generational institution at College. William was most proud of his boys when, coming last in one of the Athletic Day’s relays, the whole House ran alongside the last man. “That showed all the values that Rolleston stands for – not coming first or medalling, but supporting each other no matter what the ability.”

College’s 10 Heads of Houses in 2020 are experiencing a year unlike any other. Elevated to roles of responsibility and leadership, and anticipating the year of their lives, 2020 is proving unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Just a few short weeks of “normality” preceded the advent of Covid-19 and the onset of an educational disruption never before experienced in their young lives. And while all boys have had to summon extra strength to cope, the Heads of Houses have felt the need to add a more pastoral note to their leadership mix. And they’ve stepped up amazingly well. “It has been a disrupted year so far which has opened doors for all sorts of opportunities,” says Josh Wynne of Harper House in a reaction typical of all the Heads of Houses. “Keeping the House spirit and involvement high during and after the Covid lockdown was definitely my biggest challenge,” says Head of Corfe House, Ben Young. “I did this by making sure that our senior group was leading

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